There are five new photographs on the Photo page I…

December 30, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page.
I have had a problem with my email, yesterday and today. If you sent any photographs in please resend them in case I did not get them.

The first is from Elaine.

The Horses from Elsie. It is near here where Max is taken for his walks. He does not like the horses though. Another one following of more horses in the same field. Elsie

The last two. Hello Mr. Farmer,
Here are some scans of my dogs. The four pictures together are of my last dog, Bud (as in Budweiser – well, we DID run pubs for twenty odd years!!) He was a real poser and would always look into the camera lens. The picture on the top right was taken just a few days after we collected him at 7 weeks old. I had taken a till upstairs to count and he sat under the table resting his chin on the wooden slat. This was a very endearing habit he retained throughout his life. If he wanted anything, he’d rest his chin and look you in the eyes, as if to say “resist me if you can”!! The photo of the handsome Bud was taken when he was about 10 months old. We went to Centerparcs for two weeks each year so we could have a relaxing holiday with our dog!! The last picture is of (l to r) Tynus and Guinness, the two GSDs we had when we lived in Cornwall. Unfortunately, they have rather “alien” looking eyes because of the flash, but they were gorgeous!!
I really miss having dogs so much, it’s just not possible at the moment. Still, I do have wonderful memories!! Hope you like them, Julia

This Government seems to have found a way of allowing a Badger Cull, believing that they will not be blamed for it. The article in the Sunday Independent.
The farming and animal health minister, Lord Rooker, is giving it his backing, and believes that Government has “no justification” to reject it. I cant remember Rooker doing anything of any good as an MP, so I wouldn’t expect any other answer from him. What these Minister keep forgetting is that they and their Government are put their by us, and the majority of us are against a Badger Cull. And they should and could stop any cull, if they were minded to it.

The National Farmers’ Union and the National Beef Association reckon that they have persuaded 70 per cent of the Farmers in the designated area, to take part in the first of three yearly culls. I think that they and the Farmers that they reckon that they have persuaded, to consider what action can be taken against them. Although I don’t believe that there is a 70 per cent of Farmers in the area who would participate. These figure are NFU bluster after being proved to be an insignificant body. Farmers are not people who need leaders, as was clearly shown in the recent call for a Deer Cull on Quantocks. You can do something about a Badger Cull.

Do not insure with the NFU Mutual Insurance. The NFU’s main source of income.

If Farmers do start to shoot Badgers.

Stop buying British Beef and Beef Products and where possible British Diary Products. There then wont be a reason to cull the Badgers. Even a small reduction in Beef and Beef products, will depress the Beef Market. Reducing Farmers income by more than the incidents of TB costs.

Farm Holidays make up a large part of Farmers income. Find Farm Holidays away from Beef and Diary Farms.

Lobby your local MP. email Hilary Benn, Jeff Rooker and the Prime Minister. There is also a petition on the governments e.petition
A new petition is maybe needed. Someone on the Forum might like to get one going on the Government site.

We were going to wean Willow off of Lady today, but there was so much to do today we are going to have to do it tomorrow.

Emmi and Gypsy have settled in well. Gypsy is still a bit wary, but she is coming up to us and allowing little touches. She is eating very well and has grown in the short time she has been here. We were a little concerned about Emmi, she was not eating all of her feed. After trying different ways of introducing the feed to her, we have managed to get her eating, what we hoped is sufficient, always putting more out than she is eating. She really enjoys our hay, she will eat all that we put in front of her.

Neither Emmi or Gypsy have shown any signs of being ill, so today we introduced Arnie to them. We stable both Emmi and Gypsy and let Arnie walk freely in the corral in front of the stables. Initially he ignored them both making his way to his stable hoping for hay. After getting him out he put his head quickly into both of the stables, going back to Emmi, where he stayed for a good hour. There were a few squeals, but a lot less than I had imagined that there would have been. Emmi seems to be a very kind laid back Horse.

Arnie completely ignored Gypsy, so we let her out of her stable. By this time Arnie had found some hay, as gypsy got close to him, he put his ears back, flicking his head in Gypsy’s direction. Arnie was a bit to large, so with a squeal she ran off. We had one fright when Gypsy went into a stable, we didn’t notice that Arnie went in with her. We didn’t give Arnie any chances of hurting her and got him out. He will get use to Gypsy, This morning you may have seen him playing with Willow in the Horses main field.