There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

April 13, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six.


These little cuties are in the field opposite my house and they have been keeping us amused for most of the week. They have mad half hours when they run around the field chasing and jumping up and down as thought they are on springs. Liz.

Here is a broom in my next door neighbours garden. Sue.

Duck on the thames at Iffley near Oxford, any idea what species it is? CH.

Snowy scene taken in Woking. Bec.

Donald the remote controlled Duck did go well and the battery lasted longer than I had thought it would, it would have gone on for longer, but I got fed up after a while. I didn’t realise that I was working it for so long until I got told off by the camera operator. It would have gone from one end of the Lake without me moving. I was tempted to go closer to the Geese but the Gander chases the Ducks when they get to close. Real Ducks can fly away, Donald would have stood no chance if the Gander had attacked him. I reckon that he would have finished up at the bottom of the Lake. I will try to get the camera working in the week. I am hoping the camera will be alright. There was not a lot of choice as I want a colour and mono camera so that it can be used at night with the infra red lights that are now on the Lake. If the camera doesn’t work that well I will get a remote Goose made so that I can fit a high quality camera. Jack who made Donald was unable to see it working today, as he went out for lunch. He may be coming to the Farm next weekend, so I may let him have a little go at working Donald, if he is lucky.

I hope more than a few of you managed to see Thornton on his first walk with Tass and Kye, I am sorry but it was a last minute decision so I was unable to let you know on the Forum. I will next time.. I must admit it was magic watching them. I was operating the camera, but by all accounts walking to the valley field he walked to heel as Tass and Kye do. As soon as he got into the field away he went off with Tass and Kye. Kye by what I saw was the instigator, but I still would not trust her to be alone with Thornton. Thornton wouldn’t cross the stream as Tass and Kye, but I don’t think that he did bad for his first outing. On the way back from the walk he walked at heel to the Farm House. This morning we tried to introduce him to the other Sheep, but he wasn’t that interested. He had a little sniff around the other Lambs who now are exploring out side of the Sheep pen. He preferred running mad on the grass and exploring all the plants. He is now lying out in the kitchen with Tass and Kye, exhausted