There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

April 17, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven. Getting low on photographs again, because of from tomorrow I will only be able to put three new photographs on the Photo page each day.

Picture of my two cats Chloe and Claudie. Bec.

To my surprise sat looking at me when I opened my compost bin last night not sure how it got there or how long it has been in there. Elaine.

This is Strav. She is in foal, she is off to the stud this week to prepare for the birth. Karen.

Charlestown Harbour near St Austell in Cornwall. CH.

Maze at Longleat. Bec.

The Barn Owl Trust nest webcam computer developed a fault last night. I believe that it had to be replaced today. It was a bit of a journey back to Cornwall for the Trust to fix the problem, but it was worth the trouble to see the Nesting Barn Owls. There are many reasons for the webcams to stop working. Believe me none of us in the main would want them not to be broadcasting. I get a few problems with my broadband connection temporally going down for a few seconds. Then the webcam broadcasting point have to be restarted. Another problem that occurs is that a broadband connection is slow making the webcam to stop. Cameras also breakdown. The worse one I had was last year when my Denbury Farm URL address got lost in the system and my website could not be accessed for nearly two weeks. Although it was nothing to do with me, I had to pay for it to be found.

We have started to knock down the Tree House in the main Horse field. It was put up nearly fifteen years ago. My two Lads when aged about seven wanted a Tree House, but were frightened for it to be in the Woods, so we built one for them up at the top of the hill in the field. They only ever used it once to sleep in, and that was when our friends stayed in it with the Lads.

We are going to rebuild the Tree House come Wildlife Watching hide, as last year a number of our Holiday Guest especially Children said that they would have liked to have used it. Arnie had made it to dangerous for it to be used. When it is hot he stands under the Tree House, but every time he put his head up he would cause a little bit of damage. The little bits have now become major. The rebuild is going to make the Tree House usable again, so that it can be used by our Holiday Guest or their Children, as a Wild Life Watching hide, or just for an adventure for the Children.