There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

April 26, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six.

Wild Mute Swans over wintering near Glastonbury. Lindsay.

The Old Blacksmiths Shop. Gretna Green. Scotland Grey Mares Tail Waterfall. Queen. Judy.

Beeny and fuzz watching a film show in a mock old Cinema at the Lowry Art Gallery in Salford. Angela Kent.

The greenhouse at Leeds castle. Bec.


The Swallows that have been arriving for the past few days are chasing each other all around the Farm Yard, it must be some sort of courtship. For sure when they are doing it we know that Summer warm days are not far away. We haven’t done anything during the Winter that would stop them from using their nests from last year. We had intended to finish a barn conversation during the Winter, that just didn’t seem to happen. We wont do anything to it that would disturb them during the Swallows nesting period.

We had hoped this year to have had a Sand Martin nesting colony on the webcams. If you remember we were talking to people who I would not disclose who they were. It was the Crown Estates that we were talking to, but although I sent a camera and all the equipment for them to try I haven’t heard from them, and I must admit I had been to busy to pursue it. I will talk to them on Monday, but I shouldn’t think that any thing will happen for a while. The Crown Estates do a lot of work on their Estates for Wildlife and the Sand Martin nesting site is one that they made.

We did send last week a camera to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, for their visitors centre in Scotland. It will be used to show a Swallows nest in their visitors centre. They like our webcam site. If they can convince their powers to be at their monthly get together, the site is a possibility. Keep your fingers crossed.

This morning the weather was quite warm and we made the decision to go to Minehead this evening for fish and chips. We could well regret that decision as it is turning a bit chilly. That is why Elsie you wont see Tass, Kye and Thornton on their walk today. It is mostly after 3.30 and before 5.30pm depending on what time we decide to finish off feeding the Animals. Today we let Thornton out for the first time whilst we mucked out the Horses. He normally stays close to us in the Farm House and on our the walks. He didn’t when we were working. To be honest he was a nuisance. He just kept disappearing causing us to have to keep looking for him in case a car came down the drive. Thornton having no road sense would have been liable to have been run over. I wouldn’t have mined if he had made a visit to his family, but he kept right away from the Sheep. It took double the time to muck out, it wont be happening tomorrow.