There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

April 30, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven. Getting very low on photographs.

Hello Mr. Farmer, I have only posted on the forum once, but I read the diary everyday..Thank you for your web site. I am the executive director for homeless and domestic violence services in rural North Carolina. When things get really hectic and crazy around here I take a peek at the cameras and it really help me refocus! I have pasted a picture of our cat Kentucky. We lived next door to cloistered Domenican Nuns before we moved here from New Jersey last year. Kentucky used to climb over the wall to visit the nuns and he helped us become friends. I pasted the picture from their web site, but they let us use the pictures before. Cathy.

A beautiful rose called Handel which grows in my garden. Lindsay.

A picture of Leeds Castle. Bec.


These were interesting.The bee hives were made of whicker basket weave and housed in that building.There is a building like this at a farm in Westerdale,North Yorkshire. Lindsay.

I was quite sure that the Goslings had hatched yesterday by the way the Geese were acting. I cant remember other Geese having five Goslings before on the Lake, I think the most was four. What I am pleased to see is that the Geese with the Gosling look as if they are going to stay on the island overnight, so it looks as if the ramp was the right thing to put up. With a bit of luck the Gosling may survive this year. When I saw them this morning we all got working and made a scarecrow within half an hour, just in case it is birds that have been taking the Gosling in previous years. I don’t know if the scarecrow will help, but it was worth a try. We will move it tomorrow morning to another place on the Lake, so that the Rooks and Crows don’t get use to it. There have been another pair of Geese on the Lake for part of the day, but they didn’t seem to bother the nesting pair as they did when they were sitting on the eggs.

I didn’t get time to put the camera up to watch the nesting bird in the haystack. I will try to do it tomorrow. The good news is that we saw a Wren come out of the nest that has eggs in it at the other end of the stack.

If you scroll down the thumbnail page you will find a new thumbnail of the USA Osprey nest that is now live. There needs to be a couple of adjustment to get the screen the same size as the other webcams. I will get that done over the next few days. The Osprey is sitting on eggs and I am quite sure that the eggs were laid about a week before the Lock of the Lowe’s Ospreys. There are difference in the USA and Scottish Osprey, I will get Peter to tell you what. After about a week after the eggs have hatched, the USA Peter will have to put the camera up a little higher, zoom it out a bit and adjust the focus, or we could just be seeing the twigs of the nest. The night time pictures are not great at the moment because of the focus. It will be put right soon.