There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 18, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven. We are getting short of new photographs to put up.

This is Ellie when she has not been on the beach !! a little more presentable i think you will agree. Lynne.

Another Shire Horse, both photos taken at The Yorkshire Show, and some frogs for a change, Elsie.

Hello Mr. Farmer, Here is a photo from my holiday in Cornwall in 2006. A tiny church on the beach in Church Cove, near Mullion on the Lizard peninsula, Julia.

There is not a lot to tell in a Diary tonight. I have just had a quick look on the valley camera. It looks like it is chucking it down. I fact it is only a drizzle. We have not had the rain that was forecast over the past few day. Last night we had a forecast of heavy rain. When I went to check on the animals at about the sky was completely clear. I could see every Star and the Moon. If I had realised earlier I would have put the Astro webcams on. By the time I had spent half an hour setting the telescope up, it would have been time to turn it off again.

Karen asked about Tass and Kye with the Peacock. Tass’s Mother Cass use to chase the Peacock, she was never able to get near it. I reckon that it use to torment Cass on purpose, for as soon as she got within striking distance, the Peacock would take off vertically leaving Cass within fractions of an inch from its tail.

I was the cause of Cass trying to get the Peacock. When ever I had got the Peacock a new mate I would try to catch him, to lock them in a barn together for a couple of weeks. He use to have games with me, allowing me to get within a very short distance before having it away. The only way I could catch him was to leave the dining room french doors open. The Peacock for some reason couldn’t resist going into the dining room, I was always able to catch him in there. Catching the Peacock is always a painful experience. His claws always managed to give me nasty scratches on my arms and face.

Tass from an early age use to chase the Peacock with Cass. It was probably being chased that made him stay away longer when he went on his travels. Last November he was coming back to the Farm most days. As soon as I saw him I would throw a handful of Bird seed on the ground. Most nights he is either in the tree by the Farm House, or in the Barn, roosting on the barns beams or gates. It is the weather or food that’s keeping him here. I should think that as soon as the weather breaks, he will be on his travels again. Unless I find him a Hen.

I have got the posts and all that is needed to start the Squirrel obstacle course. What I haven’t got at the moment is the time. I will try.