There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

May 2, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six.

Whitby harbour,I think the sea speaks for itself. Lindsay.

I had to share this beautiful bloom. It’s called a Maypop Passion Vine. I purchased this vine for my Zebra Butterflies. The caterpillars eat this type of vine. Karen, Florida (USA)

I took this picture of this unusual looking tree at Savil Gardens in Surrey. Bec.


Sun flower I like to grow these for the seeds which the Birds love. CH.

The Gosling did survive the night, but they had a lucky escape this afternoon. I thought that last night the Geese were not going to the safety of the island. A couple of times it looked as if they were going there, but they turned away at the last moment. It wasnt until it was nearly dark that they eventually settled on the island, with the Gander keeping watch. Every time that I checked the webcam he was standing upright like a guard.

Around about this afternoon I returned to the Farm, after a quick dash to get some plumbing parts. The Geese suddenly started to call out just after I had caught sight of Kye coming from the direction of the calling. I found the Geese in the sand school. On approaching them to see if the Goslings were with them, they flew away, landing in my neighbours next door field. There were no Gosling to be found. I must admit that I thought that Kye had killed them. I heard the other pair of Geese calling from the Lake. When I went to investigate one of the missing Gosling was with them, but they were trying to keep away. I called one of my Lads to help me look for the Goslings. As he came to join me he caught site of one of the missing Gosling in the stream, by the side of the Lake. He jumped down the six foot bank to rescue it. When down there he caught sight of another of the Goslings being swept away by the running stream. It went out of sight, so he climbed back out of the stream so that he could help me follow it. When we eventually caught sight of the Gosling again the last missing one was with it. We managed to stop the Gosling from swept down the stream and put them back on the Lake. All four were following the other pair of Geese while the parent were watching from the next field. Soon after my Lad and myself were out of sight of the Lake, the Geese returned to reunited with the Goslings.

I should think that it was Kye chasing the Geese that caused the problem. It would have been the first time that she had seen Geese. Fortunately it finished without loosing the Goslings, but we will need to watch Kye, especially as the Geese have started to graze with the Goslings on the cottage lawn. Since the Gosling have hatched the geese have been wandering all around the Farm. This morning we found them waddling along the Farm drive, looking very much as they were leaving. Fortunately they tuned around before reaching the Lane. But it is nice to see them and I am sure that our Holiday Guest will enjoy them.

We purchased our Telescope from the oldest telescope suppliers in the World called Telescope House. They have been in business since 1785 and are the main stockist for many brands, and they were the cheapest to purchase from. They have just opened a new business called Buzzoptics selling optical equipment that is used for as well as others, watching wildlife, Yesterday they offered to give us some sponsorship, not money I am sad to tell. They are supplying us initially with Binoculars and Scopes for our Holiday Guest to use for watching our Wildlife. We are putting a few links on the website. If they see that they are receiving sales from the links they will give us financial support. If you are considering buying any Binocular or Scopes please give them the opportunity to give you a price. I have found them very competitive and helpful when I have needed advice. Mention Denbury Farm and they will give you an extra discount. We may also get much needed sponsorship.