There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

May 7, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven. Nearly out of photographs.

Just after sunrise. Julia.

A Pair of Crested Grebe. They were displaying just before this photo was taken. Judy.

Mixture of tulips in my front borders. Karen.

I told one of you about this clematis called Pixie, well here it is in bloom but not fully grown yet. Elsie.


Thornton went missing yesterday. We spent a good two hours looking for him. We thought that he may have gone down the valley on his own and spent a while looking for him down there.

For the past three to four days we have been letting Thornton out of the Farm House to free roam around the Farm. Gradually he has been. getting adventurous and going out of sight from where we can see him, but he could always be found close by, often returning when called. On a number of occasions before we have let him free roam, we have taken Thornton to the Sheep pen. He was not made welcome by the Ewes. He never went into the pen but the Ewes would try to butt him through the bars. The other Lambs would avoid him when he attempted to mix with them. We looked around the Lake and in the Stream, passing the Sheep pen on the way. It was only by chance that we stopped to look at the Lambs in the Sheep pen on the way back. It was there that we found him,. sitting in between a couple of Lambs, as if this had been his life since being born.

We called Thornton’s name expecting him to follow us back to the Farm House. It was well past his feed time so he must have been wanting his bottle, but other than as quick glance our way we were completely ignored. We returned to the Sheep pen with his feed. By this time he was out of the pen grazing with the other Lambs. He came straight to his bottle, drinking the milk down in double quick time. There was no stopping him from going into the Sheep pen where the Lambs had returned to when we approached with Thornton’s milk. One of the Ewes went up to him to see who it was. That was the only contact. It was if she was acknowledging his return. Thornton followed the Lambs around the pen, settling whey they did.

We had already decided that we were going to Minehead for some fish and chips. As Thornton looked settled in the Sheep pen we decided that we would leave him there until we returned. On returning, we found Thornton waiting by the Farm House door. He came straight into the Farm House and crashed out on one of the Dog beds that he has made his own, where he was so worn out. We are wondering if Thornton will eventually go back to being a Sheep. He didn’t wonder off today, but when we went to the Sheep pen went inside. As the day before one of the Ewes acknowledged him, and Thornton walked around with the other Lambs.