There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

May 8, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one. Nearly out of photographs so I will have to start showing only three a night.

A Goldfinch on my Feeder. Judy.

Banksy is a part of Bristol culture – this one is opposite the Bristol Royal Infirmary. The Child is “popping” a paper bag behind the Police Marksman!; Julia.

My Welsh slate water feature awaiting connection to water pump. Im not using the stone around the bottom as the kids have just put that there [little rogues]. Karen.

These Geese were running towards us hissing. Elsie.

Maddi’s village.

Unfortunately there was a Gosling missing this morning. We can only guess what happened to it. I thought that this year especially after four of them surviving for over a week that they may make it through to a size that they would fly off of the Lake. Again like every year we don’t know what has taken the Gosling, but I should think more than likely it is a Magpie or Crow. What ever it was for sure it will return for another. This week we have had Holiday Guests that have been fishing on the Lake, making it unlikely that any thing would take the Gosling whilst they are fishing. It is early morning that they are vulnerable when the Magpies and Crows are first looking for food for their nestlings. I will put the recorder on tonight to see what is threatening the Geese.

After I had fed the Badger last night I checked on the valley camera. There were three Roe Deer grazing. One was an adult Doe whose belly was moving very noticeably, as do Horse when the Foal is moving inside of them. If it wasn’t a Kid making her belly move, she must have had a severe belly rumbling going on.

On Tuesday we turned Emmi and Sox out into the Horse field. I put the camera on for you to see. Sox had a quick bucking session and they both grazed for a while. Yesterday we let Lady out with them. Emmi was not best pleased being on her own with Sox the day before. She was a lot more settled with Lady in the field with her. Both Emmi and Lady seemed to want to spend more time waiting at the gate. I guess in the hope that we would put Breeze and Arnie in with them as they could see them in the small paddock opposite the Horse field. With Breeze wanting to be boss that would not have been wise as for sure there would have been a kicking session. We have been putting Breeze and Arnie in the Horse field of a night and in the small paddock during the day.

Elaine, I am not sure if the Badger who is waiting for the feed of a night, is one of last years Cubs. It is not a very large Badger, so it could well be.