There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

May 11, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one. Nearly out of photographs.

The sea rolling through the breakwater of Whitby harbour.Lindsay.

Remember the Man and Ram Statue? I didn’t know it could be moved. Gave me a shock when I saw it. Judy.

Pelicans in Sanibel Island Florida. Anjela. Connecticut.

Chicks under a heat lamp. They hatched on Thursday. Liz – North Yorks.

The grannys bonnets are in my garden, taken today. Barbara.

We got our first pictures of the Griffon Vulture Nest webcam last night. The picture was very good, but unfortunately it went off soon after. Simon was going away for a couple of days and I had no way of contacting him. The Internet connection in Anderlucia is by Satellite, it having a low broadband speed that looks as if it may cause it to be continuously cutting off. I am going to speak to my expert tomorrow to see if we can get it to work more reliably.

I am not very happy that the USA Osprey camera is not working. I should think that the eggs cannot be far from hatching. When I phoned Peter in the USA on Friday I was told that he is away on holiday until the Monday after tomorrow. It would not be the best time for the webcam to be off. When he comes back from his holiday we will have to see if we can make some arrangement for the webcam to be reset when he is away, or the webcam will not be worth having. I am sorry about it.

The Gosling managed to make it through another day, I must admit I am surprised. The Goose is taking them to the island of a night, It is definitely helping. I had made arrangements for one of my Lads to collect four Canada Geese Goslings today, but they had been sold without the person who was buying realising. After the disappointment of loosing the Geese and Goslings every year, we decided to get two pairs to live on the lake permanently. If we buy Gosling we will be able to get them to get use to being housed of a night when we feed them inside, and they should also stay on the Farm or at least stay around the Farm. I spoke to another person this afternoon who is confident that he will be able to get me two pairs, hopefully with a couple of weeks or so. We are also going to try get a pair of breeding Turkeys.