There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

May 14, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

Photo of nesting Herons at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire. Vicky, Derby

Wild Turkeys(really strange looking birds) in Anjela.

The white shrub is outside my window, in my neighbours garden. Barbara.

Tulip beds at the tulip mania festival. Lindsay.

Gardens At Newstead Abbey. Judy.

We put Lady and her Foal into the Horse field for the days. It was important for Lady to start moving after her having the stitches. She had a few canters around the field that caused her to discharge fluids from the stitched area. In the stable the Foal seems a little subdued, in the field he soon got out of that and cantered keeping up with Lady. I put the webcam on so hopefully some of you managed to see them.

I missed seeing the Fox around the Lake last night, but I managed to see the couple of entries on the Forum about it. I could not see the Goose or the Gosling when I panned the camera around the Lake so we went to the Lake to take a look. We soon saw the Goose. I should think that the Fox did have a go at her as she was in the middle of the Lake with the Goslings motionless. I checked on them one evening last week, before we had started to feed them. They were on the bank of the Lake. I got very close to them before they got into the water. If it was a Fox looking for dinner for sure the Goose would have been killed. The problem would be that the Goslings would not have known any better, and they would have followed the Goose.

We have started to put the wire in place for the new valley camera. The distance from the Farm House to the camera is over 300m. Putting it up through trees and a good 50m along the pathway that the Badgers use to get from one part of the sett to another is very painful with the bramble and nettles. I am hoping that it will work with the wiring that we have put in as it differs from what we usually use. Once the new camera is up and running it will hopefully be a lot better than what we have installed at the moment. Focusing the camera when following the Deer is quite difficult and a bit hit and miss. The new camera has like the other cameras, has automatic focus.

One of this weeks Holiday guests has been helping to run the wire. He is a keen amateur photographer with his own website check it out there are some good photographs on the site.