There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

May 15, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six. Getting short againg.

These are the two birds I spotted near the airport – possibly Grouse? Julia.

This bird the rose- breasted grosbeak- is a very rare visitor to my feeder. I have seen it twice in my 15 years of living on the east coast of America. It arrives for about 20 minutes and is
very placid- Then feeds and flies away. Anjela Connecticut.

This tulip was called Ivory Floradale.I thought it was rather nice. Lindsay.

This is a photo of a Aberdeen Angus taken near Ripley in Derbyshire. Vicky, Derby.

Peacock. Judy.

One of our Holiday guests has been playing football. Unless you had seen it with your own eyes you would not have believed what you were seeing. His opponent was Thornton. Thornton pushes the ball along with his head and seems to enjoy every moment. We have not played with balls with him, so he must have picked it up from Tass and Kye when they were playing with the ball. The Holiday Guest took a photograph of it, but he did not bring the lead with him to download the Camera. He will email it to me when he gets home.

After Thornton’s morning feed he waits by the Farm House kitchen door to go out around to visit the Lambs in the Sheep pen. Yesterday he stayed with them for most of the day, grazing the area close to the pen. The other Lambs and Ewes have accepted him, with the Lambs he is just one of the gang wandering and playing around the Farm. The Lambs are a pain with the garden plants, They try the taste of all of them, I think that there favorite are Pansies. Thornton leaves the gang a couple of times during the day, returning to the Farm House when his feed is due. If the door is closed he bleats and knocks at the door with his feet. No one has taught him that. If the door is ajar he will push it open and in he come as do Tass and Kye and nags at the nearest person to him to give him his bottle. After his feed out he goes to rejoin the Lambs. He always returns of a night but decides his own time. A couple of times we have gone to look for him when it is getting late of an evening. If he is ready he follows us in. If he is not he come back bleating and knocking at the door. It must have been the rain, for today he has been in and out all day. Just now he is sitting very quietly in the kitchen by the sink. You have got to see it to believe it.

Lindsay has asked what Bats she could see on the Farm. I would be pretending if I said I knew. By chance one of the Holiday guests has a gadget that tells you what they are by the noise that they make. He told me earlier what they are. If I remember correctly the Bats on the Lake are Pipistrelle, the others are Noctule. I should think that there may well be other types. The ?Farmhouse loft is full of Bats. I tried a couple of years ago to try to get them on the webcams, but we didn’t see one on the webcam. If we sit outside latish on Summer night we see the Bats coming and going from the roof.

A piece from Elsies local.

Swans cause a flap for rush-hour drivers
RUSH-hour traffic was brought to a standstill when two swans and their cygnets wandered across a busy road.

Passers-by rushed to stop cars as the six birds tried to cross the busy Claremont Road roundabout in Newcastle city centre today.

Vehicles on the sliproad for the city’s central motorway were stopped in both directions for several minutes.

advertisementThe swans were ushered in the direction of nearby Leazes Park. and once there they headed for the parks lake.

Radio producer Steve Drayton, 47, was cycling to work when he saw the swans.

“I saw the traffic backed up in all directions. At first I thought there had been an accident then I saw the swans,” he said.

“They were being ushered across the road by two ladies from the roundabout where it seems they had roosted for the night.

“But they were heading for a slip road so I jumped off my bike and helped steer them back towards the park.”