There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

May 16, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven. Getting short again.

Butterfly in my garden in Connecticut. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Anjela Connecticut.

Mallard ducklings,there were 10 for her to look after. Lindsay.

Feeding the Robins in the lane near my house! PM.

Photo of one of three bearded dragons that belong to my boyfriend. Vicky. Derby.

Newstead Abbey. Nottinghamshire. Judy.

One of our Holiday Guests was watching the Geese on their live webcam monitors that we have installed in our cottages, when a Fox nearly had the Goose last night. By all accounts it was only inches away. Although he went to the lake to make sure that the Fox had gone, it may have returned to take the Gosling that was missing this morning. The Fox may not have been responsible, but with the help of our holiday guest we electric fenced around the area on the near side bank that Goose and Goslings lay out on. We could well be putting the danger in another area, but it seems to be the most dangerous part for the Goose and the Gosling, as other than a small leet, that would be easy for the Fox to cross there is no protection. On the far bank there is a five to six foot drop into a stream making it a less dangerous area. I am not convinced that it was a Fox that took the Gosling last night. It could have been a Magpie. What ever it was, it will try to take the two remaining Goslings and the Goose.

We have found a new home for Sonny our companion pony for Smuggler. We have been trying to re home him for quite a while. We have had a number of enquiries for him, but we had to make sure that he was going to the right home. Sonny is going to a family in Devon who have two young children and two more ponies. So hopefully we have let him go to the right people. We need to break Smuggler as a riding horse and he will need to come down from the paddock in to the stable area. Although both Smuggler and Sonny have been well looked after, being in the paddock away from the stable area they have been deprived of attention. Both really like to have a fuss made of them. The family taking Sonny will be able to break him themselves and it is good for both the family and Sonny to get use to each other.