There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

August 17, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting from number six.

GJ and B wedding cake. PM.

I thought the ladies would like to see Robin in his bridesmaid dress!! PM.

I had to put this email on. Not to get you to holiday here.(hope you don’t mind Jenny) We thought it was very funny. The photograph of the Reindeer is of two that are coming to Denbury taken when Jenny and her family visited Cricket St Thomas.

Thankyou again for the brilliant week we had at the farm. We are determined to return next year even if we have to sell one of Jasmines kidneys!
I know the weather is plotting another wet week and sincerely wish you a drier week sometime very soon.
Noah has decided that he is going to move to the farm so watch out for any suspicious large unplanned parcels (the clue will be the address written in crayon).
As promised I have attached the pictures of the Reindeer herd I am sorry they aren’t brilliant but I only had the digital camera with me. Jenny, Gareth, Jasmine and Noah.

I took this photo on the way up the lane to the stables, of some ducks, my sister threw out most of a loaf so i could get a good photo, only managed this the others turned out blurred. Karen Stoke.

We just had a real nasty storm in Florida today and after the storm, a double rainbow. You can just make out the 2nd rainbow, but the other rainbow was real bright. Karen, Florida (USA).

Unfortunately the Green Woodpecker cant be enticed onto our bird feeders, their diet consists of Insects that they eat from the crevices in the trees and Ants that they eat from the ground, so what is on offer on the feeders is not what they would want. We hear their chattering laugh every year close to the Farm House. This year we have heard them a little more than other years and a couple of days ago the chattering laugh seemed to be all around us. Sitting in our lounge yesterday evening we realised why, for sitting on the garden wall were a couple of fledglings with one of the parent birds in a branch overhanging the wall, with an insect in it beak. Today as many as five have been flying around. They must have nested close to the Farm House. Next year we will watch to see if we can find where they are nesting. We wouldn’t be able to put a camera in the nest, but we could put a camera so that we are able to watch them entering and leaving the nest.