There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

August 20, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting from number six. All we have left are some really good photographs that Lynne has sent in, and that is all we have.

Picky One is a chipmunk taken at Edwards Gardens in Toronto.

Raccoons is Mum and her bagies, in Edwards Gardens in Toronto.

Rosalee the cat. Rosie’s Mum in Toronto.

I have two lots of lilies left this beautiful white one, is one of them. Karen Stoke.

The Border under my front window. Karen Stoke.

It is getting near the time when Sox needs to be weaned off of Emmi. We cant make the mistake as we did last year by leaving Willow with Lady. That was an experience that we don’t want again. The trouble is that Lady’s Foal, that we have decided to name Solo, is not yet ready to be weaned. We need to keep him with Lady for at least another six weeks. But they will have to be weaned together to keep each other company. Weaning two Foals together makes it a lot less stressful for them.

Both Sox and Solo are already very independent, probably Solo more so than Sox. Solo is very often at the far end of the field when the other Horses are waiting at the gate to be let in for the feeds. Going back out after their feed is a bit different, for Sox is always laying down in the stable not wanting to get up until the very last moment, just when Emmi is out of the stable. Just like a lot of human teenagers. Both a very kind Colts and easy to do. Unlike Willow and Gypsy there seems to be very little bickering between them. It looks as if neither will be dominant when they are put together on their own. Gypsy is a bit of a bully with Willow and was from day one, she would have Willow on the run around going from one feed bowl to the other when we fed them. Poor Willow just had to put up with it. We would put their feed bowls at each end of the stable area in the Barn, far away from each other you would think to stop Gypsy from going from one bowl to the other, but she did.