There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

September 3, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting from number eleven. Only four photograpgs left.

Does anybody know what this is please?.There were lots of them found on the beaches near Mallaig on the West coast of Scotland.They are quite hard to touch.My daughter said it was a very low tide and wondered if they were Turtle Egg shells which had been swept across the seas in the currents.Occasionally large seeds have turned up on the beaches from the Carribean..Lindsay.

My daughter took this at the cottage they are staying at in Glen Nevis near Fort William in Scotland.Lindsay.

My daughter has taken this photo tonight in Glen Nevis near Fort William.Lindsay.

One of hubbys cards he received for this years birthday we had quite a giggle about it, it has not scanned as well as i hoped it may.
Marie in Taunton.

This is for Elsie now she is able to use her pc again i took this in Spain growing in my friends garden a Pomegranite in flower with a fruit just setting at the side of the bloom i think the flower is very attractive. Marie in Taunton.

The Kingfisher was on the branch this morning. Seeing him got me wondering why we haven’t seen him as much as last year. Pity I didn’t think a while back, as just behind the branch is a partly broken limb of a tree that has fallen into the Lake. As it has a lot more branches and is lower in the water than what we have put up, it is obviously catching from the tree instead of the branch. We are still getting the fencing ready for the Reindeer that are arriving on Friday, but as soon as I get an opportunity we will cut away the overhanging limb.

We also found another Swallows nest in one of the Barns this morning. By the look of it and is was a quick look as one of the Adults dived at me a couple of times, the youngsters are about a week old. I put it on the Cam Two but there seems to be a problem with the Electricity as it kept tripping out. I will get it working from a different supply in the morning. I cant remember how late the last Swallows nest was last year. It was quite late, but the weather was better. At the moment it must be difficult for the Adults to feed their young with the amount of rain we are getting.