There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 21, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven.

I hope these snowdrops in my garden in Wales today mean that Spring is on its way. GJ


This is photo of our village Church in Co Durham. It holds many memories for me both happy and sad. It is a Norman Church over 900 years old. Elsie.

Photographs of Arnie and Breeze. Arnie looks a right scruff. The photograph was taken today in his Winter coat. In the Summer Arnie’s coat shines like the Queens Guards Boots. We could have him clipped out, but he doesn’t do enough work to justify clipping. Clipping is to shave his coat nearly to his skin. All Race Horses are clipped otherwise they would sweat. In the Winter there coats would take a long while to dry. The photograph of Breeze was taken in the Summer when we had to fence her in a separate area to stop her from chasing Lady and Willow around the field. In the background you can see Bliss and Misty. By the gate is Woody.

Val suggested that we should try to separate Willow and Bliss behind a wall. We did try in the next stable to Lady. Willow tried to jump the wall. It was only by luck that she didn’t get to far, or she could well have got stuck halfway across. What we are putting on Lady’s udder is stopping Willow from suckling. It does wear off after a while, so we need to put more on. We do forget at times.

I spoke to the Trainer this evening about Bliss and Misty. Both are training very well. Bliss is back to her old self and is showing potential. The Trainer feels that she could do well in her racing career. Misty had a bit of a cough last week. She didn’t have a temperature and got over it within a week. I was trying to go to France to see them this week. Unfortunately I am so busy on the Farm I wont be able to make it.