There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 23, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six.

Don’t know if this will show up very well. It was sent by friend in Australia and it is a Butcher Bird and it comes down 2 to three times a day for a bit of mince. Apparently they will attack birds in cages if they are not protected. Elsie.

Hello Mr & Mrs Farmer. I have attached some pics for the forum if you approve them. The first pic is a little bird I found at the bottom of our drive last year, I brought it inside whilst the rain subsided and then put it back out, don’t know if it made it but like to think it did. A capture from our Blue Tit nest box camera. You can just about make out 5 little beaks. Sadly none of the chicks went on to fledge but hoping for better things this year. Liz

Newspaper cutting from Elsie.

White Peacock at Arlington Court in Devon, Lynne.

Lynne’s White Peacock photograph reminded us of a White Peahen that we once had. The Peahen was offered free in one of these freebie advertising papers. We had to drive over a hundred miles to get the Bird down in Devon. We told the people when we would arrive. When we got to the place, the owners had let the Peahen out in the morning and did not expect it to return for a few hours. I wasn’t best pleased and although we would have liked the Bird, we had to tell the owners that we would have to leave it as we had to get home to do feed our animals.

A few minute after leaving we saw the Peahen in a field. We chased back to the owners who managed to coax it back to the Peahens house. The Peahen must have been the daftest Peahen ever. We kept her locked in with our Peacock for a few weeks, so that she got use to the noises and surroundings. When we let her out she decided that she liked the pond area in front of the Farm House, and there she would stay. To keep out of danger all of our other Peafowl would roost in a high tree of a night. Not this one. Within a few weeks the Fox had got her. We found her remains in the Horse field.

A quick update on what is happening with the new webcams that we hope will be on very soon. The camera is installed at the site in the USA. I showed it on the Photo page a little while back. I spoke to Peter in the US this evening. Over the past few days he has seen a couple of Bald Eagles and a Brown Eagle, they are quite rare. Peter hopes to get the computer setup for the broadcasting at the weekend. We will have to monitor it for a few weeks to make sure that there is nothing that is liable to offend people before we start broadcasting the site.

All of the equipment that we are supplying for the Griffon Vulture site in Andalucia, will be sent out there next week. Because of the site being very remote, and to far for cables to be run, the signal will have be sent from the nest site to the computer by wireless transmission. The power for the equipment will be generated by battery and a solar panel. It will take a few weeks to be set up. Again we will have to monitor the site before broadcasting.

The Barn Owls have not started to use the new nest box yet. As soon as they are seen, we will start broadcasting the nest.

I am waiting for the site that I am unable to tell you about to get back to me. I sent them the equipment to try in November. I will try to speak to them later on this week.