There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 26, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six.

Disused wasps’ nest, taken on a walk in a nearby lane. GJ

Peacock posing in North Wales. Close up of a Dandelion. Lynne.

Pony and Foal New Forest Hampshire. One of the Pit Ponies that were used at our Colliery, what an awful life they had. Elsie.

I asked my Friends who host the Ghost Cam about the person that the other Elsie saw at I.30 pm today. There was no one in the House at that time of the day. My Friends went shopping this morning and didn’t return until this evening. On looking at the webcam this evening, I can see a shadow on the wall that I have not noticed before. I am told that there is nothing to cause a shadow on the wall. Strange.

I am not sure what the Bird was that Mary asked about on the Forum. It did look a first like a Willow Tit that we regularly get in little groups of, up to eight at a time. Then a group of Willow Tits started feeding and it was obviously not one of them. It was very similar but different markings on it head.

I looked in Bird Book to see what the Bird was but could not find it. Whilst looking I came across the Griffon Vulture. It is a very big Bird, standing about three and a half feet tall with a wing span of eight foot. Simon was telling me that when they fly towards him when he is on the rock faces they look enormous. Spain have the largest European population. They can also be found in Asia and the Middle East. They lay one Egg. I believe Simon told me every other year. Incubation is around fifty days and are able to fly after one hundred and ten days. As long as all goes well with the installation of the equipment it promises to be an exciting webcam.

Sorry i didn’t witness the outcome of the Fox mating session last night. The way the pair were acting it looked imminent. They may still be together tonight, or a least another Dog Fox may be with the Vixen. I was a bit surprised that there were not more than one Dog, so it could well be the beginning of the mating. Although I suppose it could even be the end. What ever there are no Fox feeding as they would normally be when I put the feed out, so something is going on to keep the Fox away from food. I will put the Valley camera on again tonight.

I did see a Stag as I was panning the camera around to try to see the Fox. It was the far end of the valley. It kept to the edge of the wood and I only just managed to get sight of it.

At the sky is quite clear, a few small clouds. I don’t know if it is going to stay like it. The forecast is for cloud. Mars comes in sight at about in the southern sky. If it stays like it is a the moment, I will put the Telescope on. The cloud last night cleared but it was to late to start setting the Telescope up. As I said last night, this is the first time that I have tried to show a Planet, so I really don’t know how it will look on the webcam.