There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 27, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven.

Rabbit decided to visit the garden last summer, and whilst he/she was eating the daisies, all was fine but I was not too pleased when it decided to sample the flowers. Liz.

Fuchsias in my garden. Lynne.

A Blackbird taken at one of the caravan sites we go to. Elsie.

Signet on the Taunton Canal. Marie.

Mr. Farmer, more pictures for the web site. The first picture: since several of you sent pictures of peacocks, thought I would submit picture of a peacock that visited my garden, except my peacock is a butterfly called White Peacock. Hope it shows up. Karen, Florida (USA)

Trying to put Mars on the webcam last night wasn’t very good. The Telescope went straight to Mars when I selected it, but the lens that I had was not powerful enough to get a good image. By the time that I was going to put the small image on, it clouded over. I went to put the Sun on the webcam this morning, but somehow I had lost the Telescope settings when I turned it off last night, so it would not have tracked it. Setting the Telescope needs to be set at night by selecting three stars. I will do that this evening. I will also try another camera that I have that may magnify Mars better than the camera that I used last night. I did put the Sun on the webcam this morning for a short time whilst I tried it. I was able to see a few flares. The only way that I could have kept it on was to move the Telescope manually. I didn’t have time for that. I will speak to the suppliers of the Telescope tomorrow to see what I can get to be able to show Mars closer.

We looked Emmi over today to see if her udder was starting to get larger. She is only a month away from Foaling so I would expect to see a change in her over the next two weeks. We need to get her over to Lady’s stable block where the camera is, but Willow still being with Lady is causing us a problem. We are going to try to wean Willow again on Tuesday or Wednesday. We have got a sedative from the Veterinary that we will give her for a few days. She is not getting a lot of milk from Lady now and her udder has nearly dried up. It is not going to be easy.

We fed the Badgers later tonight. I had hoped that the Fox would be waiting to feed, that I hoped would have stopped the Rats from coming out. I don’t like to put poison down because of the Owls and Buzzards. I have had to today or they will start to spread out and get to near to the Farm House. We rarely ever see Rats near the Farm Yard, thats the way I want to keep it. I have poisoned up on the lower Badger feeding place. Once we think that area has been cleared we will poison the main area. To stop the Bird getting the poison we have a baited box inside of a cage.