There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 29, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six.

The first photograph is of Willow and Misty after they had settled down. The second is of Willow checking Lady.

Ladybower reservoir This is one of our favourite walking places it is only about 20 minutes from where we live. Heather on Ringinglow near Sheffield again one of our favorite places and very near to us. Lynne.

A pink big leaf lilly that just bloomed in my pond. Here it is January in Florida and we still have lovely flowers that bloom. Karen, Florida (USA)

We introduced Willow to Gypsy today. We put Willow and Lady in the Corral in front of Emmi and Gypsies stables, as we did yesterday. Willow had her head in Gypsy stable for most of the morning, so at midday we stable Lady and let Gypsy out with Willow in the corral. For the first fifteen to twenty minutes Willow would not move away from Lady’s stable. She was looking as if she may have tried to jump over the stable door to get to Lady. We closed the top half of the stable door just in case. This quietened Willow a lot, but it made Lady pace around the stable calling out. Every now and then she put her head out of the stable window. In between Lady putting her head out of the door Willow went to investigate Gypsy. Both Willow and Gypsy gave half hearted kicking threats at each other, but soon started to sniff and groom each other.

Lady quietened down and just watched the youngsters getting to know each other. She gave Willow a reassuring whinny every now and then. Willow really didn’t bother to much about Lady, and we were able to open the top of Lady’s stable door. For the rest of the afternoon Willow and Gypsy were grooming and playing together, trotting and bucking around the corral in excitement.

At feed time we let Willow go back into her stable with Lady. Tomorrow we will stable Lady very soon after moving them over to the corral letting Willow and Gypsy together for the whole day. We do this until we believe Willow can go on to the next stage of this weaning performance. We have a number of ideas but we will take it day by day. Today went better than we had hoped. Mind you it may not go as easy tomorrow.