There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 30, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven.

Willow and Gypsy eating together.

A shetland pony and foal cant remember where it was took. A toad on the patio of our holiday cottage in Devon. Lynne.

No man has sculpted these rocks into this shape just the wind blowing against a soft cliff face!!!! John took this photo in Spain Marie.

A nice story in yesterdays Mirror. Elsie.

As you can see by the photograph that I have put on the Photo page Willow and Gypsy have been eating together from the same feed bowl. Within half an hour of taking Lady and Willow over to the area that Emmi and Gypsy are stabled, we let Gypsy out to be with Willow. Lady called out a little, but they soon settled down. We put two feed bowls out for the two youngsters as soon as we put them together. We had just as well have just put one out in the first place, as they shared both bowls. When keeping any Horses together it is important to make sure that they they are not over possessive about their feed, if they are you can guarantee that there will be a kicking session. If both the Horses are strong willed, one or both will get hurt, and they will not be able to be together at feed times.

I looked over the Ewe that I expected to Lamb a while back. After checking her teeth I realised that she was an old Ewe, and that her udder was large because of the amount of Lambs that she had previously given birth to. She is definitely in Lamb, but when she is going to give birth I am really not sure. Looking at the other Ewes all but one looks in Lamb. A couple of them are getting larger udders, but I don’t think that any are imminent. Last time I said that, one Lambed. I will leave the camera on them most nights so that you will be able to see a Lambing.