There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 31, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one. There are not many more to put on the Photo page.

What about the colour of this pony. They must really interbreed. Hardware Department in an Old time Co-operative Store and I am sure it will bring memories for some of our older members.

The Grand Canyon My son took this a couple of years ago. He went on a helicopter ride over it then landed and walked down into it . He said it was spectacular. Lynne.

Another Willow Tit from Mary.

These gorgeous blue flowers cover a wall and fence im not sure what they are called but may be of the Columbine family they spread rapidly Marie.

Willow and Gypsy have been together all day. When we put Willow and Lady in the area Willow went straight to Gypsy’s stable and didn’t move until we let Gypsy out. They followed each other every where, it was if they were joined together. As soon as we get time over the next couple of days we will put Willow and Gypsy in the large stable that we have just finished. It is in Lady’s stable block, so we will move Lady next to them. We will then put Emmi in Lady’s stable until we can move Willow and Gypsy into the area that we made for them in the Barn next to the Sheep. It is the area that you may have seen Breeze and Arnie in.

Today we have started to tidy up the area that you can see in the back ground, when we put the Sheep webcam on. The part that slopes down is part of the bank of the stream that runs through the Farm. It is one of those jobs that we have been getting round to do for years. The people who farmed Denbury before we move in widened the stream to make a lagoon. They did tell me for what, but I cant remember the reason now. Once we have got rid of the bramble and weed we will remove the six foot chain link fence that can be seen, put a low fence up and landscape the area.

It has been quite windy here today, a gust of wind caught the Telescope opening on the Observatory, blowing the door off. I must have left the catch that secures the opening door undone. We were fortunate that it was not raining at the time, or we could well have had a problem if the Telescope computer and electrics got wet.