There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

February 3, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

Picture is a Monarch butterfly. The flower he’s on is a Lantana. It was a beautiful day in Florida, after hearing about the snow and wind, makes me so happy we chose Florida to live in..Sorry. Karen, Florida (USA)

Ducks on the frozen canal at Cromford. Blue tit on the feeder in my garden Lynne

The grocery Department, more memories.

This is an old cider press, look at the back of the press ,at the stone wheel any ideas as to what it may have been used for in that position
An old stone cider jar can be seen in the window i have one i use as a door stop !!! Marie.

The Mill Wheel could well be part of some thing used in the making of Cider. Maybe something to crush the apples with before putting them into the press. Attached to the Farm House was a Barn that we converted in to a Annex. In it we found a beam of a Cider Press. And of course we do have a Cider Apple Orchard. A friend of mine did make Cider and I use to go to his Farm to collect Cider or Scrumpy as it is known in Somerset, and probably every where in the world now. I cant remember anything that looked like that when I went to his Farm. Mind you I wasn’t looking for anything other than the cider. I cant asked him about it either, as he died a couple of years back. But I will make enquiries.

Thinking about it I don’t know why I ever drank the Scrumpy. It was what they called rough, and that was the truest name it could be called, by taste and look. Inevitably the cider had bits in it, apple and what ever else doesn’t bear thinking about. On the Queens Jubilee our street in London had a Street Party. A few of us decided on a Barrel of Scrumpy would be a great addition to the festivities. So I drove with one of my friends the 370 miles round trip to Johns Farm, to get a Barrel of his Cider. We did the journey on a Sunday, so the roads were reasonably quite, but somehow we managed the journey door to door with over an hours stay, having lunch with John and his Wife in five Hours.

A barrel was a lot of Cider to drink between the few of us who contributed to the cost of it, so it was offered to others in the Street Party. I cant remember any one who drank the Scrumpy who didn’t show even the slightest sign of distress when they tried it. Some even came back for more, and all said they liked it. They lied, it must have been the other drink that they had consumed that made it acceptable. It could well have been the Scrumpy that turned the Street Party into one big punch up, for it was a potent Scrumpy.

I have decided that as my Lad and myself have been scratched from top to bottom and have numerous thorn blisters from the bramble, that we will take the fence down that runs by the side of the bramble and get our Contractor to cut it back with his hedge trimmer. The Contractor cant get here until Wednesday, but it will be a lot faster and for sure a lot less painful.