There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 5, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

The first is from Marie. A screen shot of our Peacock.

hi there at the farm just wondering if you could add this picture of this badger that i saw a few weeks ago. From Aaron on the message board.

Mr. Farmer, picture 1 is my three boys, Marley, Jagger and Rasta. They are long haired daschunds and kings of the household. Picture 2: is our Marley acting like a clown. I’ll send more butterfly pictures later. Karen, Florida, USA.

This cat used to visit a lot of us near where he belonged. He was a really big lad and we used to give him tit bits. One day he came and he had a note on his collar saying please don’t feed him as he is well fed at home. That told us didn’t it. Elsie

I spoke to Bliss and Misty’s Trainer yesterday. Both Horses are getting on well and are now cantering. Misty has caught up with Bliss on her progress, she is showing lots of potential, and is able to take any position when riding out in the training sessions. Bliss is on a growth spurt, her progress has slowed a little. The Trainer believes both Horses have a good chance to start racing May/June time.

We introduced Emmi and Gypsy to Arnie yesterday in the main Horse field. There was a little bit of squealing from Emmi. Both Arnie and Emmi made a few two barrel kicking threats at each other, but that was all the were. They settled down and got on well with each other. Gypsy tried to get Arnie’s attention, but he really wasn’t that interested. The three of them kept close to each other all of the time that they were in the field. We were confident that Arnie would be good with the two new comers. He has never been any trouble with any new Horses that we have introduced to him. We cant let Emmi and Gypsy out with Breeze and Lady, without first introducing them in the field, parted by an electric fence. Even then the could be a bit of kicking. I wont be risking it with Emmi being so near Foaling. I will try the introduction in the Spring. Today when I turned Emmi and Gypsy out with Arnie, it was as they had known each other for ever. Emmi was calling to Arnie when he was out with the other Horses.

Marie captured a screenshot of our Peacock sitting on the gate of the Sheep pen. He hatched on the Farm a good few years back. He is a bit of a wanderer. We really don’t know how he has managed to survive for as long as he has. He travels a fair distances from the Farm and can regularly be seen walking down the lanes. How a Fox hasn’t had him I don’t know. Of a night when he is on the Farm he roosts in an Acacia tree next to the Farm House, but can also be seen in the barn where the Sheep are when it is raining. None of the Peahens that we have got to keep him company have survived. We were only talking about trying to find him another mate a couple of days ago. I might have a look to see if there are any for sale.

When we first had Peafowl and the Peacock moulted, we collected all the feathers believing that people would like to have them. What a waste of time that was. Most of those that we asked told us that they were unlucky and that they would not have them in their house. That was from people far and wide who did not know each other. The main reason seemed to be the eye on the feathers was meant to be evil. The other was that in Asia the Peacock was a delicacy, and that there was a risk that the Peacocks would become extinct with the amount that were being killed for food. To stop the risk it was rumoured that eating peacocks was unlucky. We don’t have the feathers in the Farm House anymore.