There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

February 13, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six. We don’t have a lot more photographs to put on the Photo Page.

The lovely sunshine has really brought the crocuses on in the garden. Here are a couple of shots I took yesterday. Pat.

This is a picture of the Blue Lagoon near Abereiddy beach that Marie spoke about the two specks in it are labradors !! Lynne.

Hello Mr Farmer, I have sent in some pictures, .
The Napoleonic Martello Tower in Grain. Rose (FF)

A picture of a swallows nest taken at the caravan site. they had built their nest on the office wall. Elsie.

Alex asked when Emmi is due to Foal. She was mated on the 2nd of April last year, so her Foalng date is the 1st of March but it could be any time now or even a month later, as some of you well know.

No Jan, I haven’t tracked the Moon in the day. I some times when I get time put the Sun on. I am so busy at the moment I haven’t had time to show it in this good spell of weather.

Branston just likes getting into mischief. It was a message on the Forum last night that made me realise that the Stable light were out. I thought that a bulb had gone and went to the stables to change it. We only use low energy long lasting bulbs, so I was a little surprised that it had gone. When I got to the stables Branston was standing next to the switch. I tried turning the light back on. Obviously he had tuned the light off with his mouth, as the switch was wet where he had used his mouth to turn the switch. The switch is a turn round type that would be difficult to turn with his mouth. I have put some nasty tasting cream on it, that will stop him doing that again in a hurry. At least I know that it is Branston who has been turning the lights off. They have been off a few times recently. Everyone on the Farm got the blame, except Branston.

If he is not turning lights off, he will be trying some other annoying thing to do. If the stable doors did not have kick over bars on the bottoms he would be letting all of the Horses out, as he pulls the bolt catches over. He opens the main barn very often, and we find him with his nose in the feed bins eating away as if it is alright to be there. We were putting in a new webcam cable today and it was quite low. Branston found it, he pulled it so hard with his mouth that it broke.

When I went out to the stables to turn the lights on that Branston had turned off a pair of Geese flew on to the Lake. It was 10.15pm, I would have thought to dark and late. You may have seen them, as I turned the camera onto them. Half an hour later they were flying off again. They must have returned again during the night, as they were on the Lake this morning.

I am going to put the Astro Cams on again tonight. I am going to leave them on the Moon all of the time. If it clear again tomorrow I will show Saturn. It is to much of a chore changing from the Moon to Saturn, as I need to change the camera over and refocus the Telescope on Saturn. Putting the Moon on and then changing over to Saturn is a bit time consuming and I finish up not sitting down of an evening. As soon as Jupiter is visible at a reasonable time I will start to show it on the webcams.