There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

February 19, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six. We don’t have a lot more photographs to put on the Photo Page.

Another part of Clumber Park. You can walk for miles here or else take you bikes. Elsie.

This was bought for the Great Tits the Squirrel had other ideas! It took it two days to demolish it and they are now buried all over the garden.Lindsay

We always pass this field on our way to Bristol Airport, it is in the Cheddar/Burrington Coombe area.We have no idea what the Sheep are climbing on??? Rose W’canton.

Amazing pictures… watching a panda bear grow! Elsie. Sent to Elsie by a friend.

For the past few weeks we have been having our hedges cut. We do not cut them every year, some times thay are left for three years. Others we have never cut since we came to Denbury. If they were not cut a lot of the Hedges would grow into trees, they would thin out in the bottoms, allowing the animals to walk through them. From the 1st of March until July there is a ban on hedge cutting and trimming, this is so that the Birds are able to nest in the hedge rows with out them and their nests being wiped out with the hedge cutters.

We have put Lady in the Stable next to Emmi. Emmi seemed to be quite miserable without a Horse in the stable next to her. In the day Lady and Emmi are together in the other corral area of the other stable block. We wanted to keep Lady away from Willow for a little longer and we havent had the time to put the Fillies into the area next to the Sheep. Moving Lady next to Willow and Gypsy hasent been a problem and Emmi seems a lot happier. Lady lets Willow know that she is not going to have her back. Every now and then Lady will put her ears back and show her teeth to Willow, just a little warning, but she does sometimes put her head over into Willow and Gypsys stable, to be a little friendly.

We have been keeping Lady and Emmi seperated by a rope in the corral area. A few years back Lady had a kicking session with a Mare, and the other Mare came off worse. When she was with Woody, Woody was the boss and we never saw Lady get into any fights with any other Horse. Now she is without Woody I dont partiulary trust her. The last thing Emmi would need now is a kicking session with Lady. Lady did push her way through the rope today, when we went to the stable they were very friendly with each other. That could change without any warning.