There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

February 23, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven. We have some photographs left, but mainly from FF and Elsie. As good as they are they wont last long if we have a one or two Ladies show.

The last of the Panda. Elsie.

The dingle robin. The swallow taken at minsmere sat on the signpost for ages we thought it must be lost. FF (Rose)

This capture shot was taken on the 16th September . I think there were 13 feeding. Elaine.

Casares by Moonlight, Photograph taken by Simon. The two photographs at the top of the Photo page and this one are the area written about in tonight Diary.

The Wireless link for the Griffon Vulture is being sponsored by a Wireless Radio Manufacturer who will be putting page on his website with photographs and text about the Village of Casares and the Griffon Vulture. Using snippet from the web and information from Simon in Spain I put together some text for the website. I will use it for tonight Diary and hope that you find it interesting.

The Historical Village Casares is the closest Village to the Sierra Crestalina, the Mountain range that the Broadcasting of the Griffon Vulture Nest Site Colony is coming from.

The history of Casares is wide ranging from Prehistoric, Roman and Arabic. Prehistoric remains can be found at different places all around Casares, such as the caves and shelters of Ferrete, Crestellina, Pelliscoso, the La Novia hill, Utrera and the farmstead of Alechipe (or perhaps Alepiche).

The farmstead of Alechipe is a very important archeological site where many remains have been found that may have been part of the Roman city of Lacipo, which seems to have been built over an Iberian-Phoenician town.

The Roman Empire left its footprint in Casares. Many rests of Roman roads can be found in its vicinity. Casares, together with Gauc