There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

February 25, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six. Lots been sent in. They will all be put on. Sometime the photographs are to dark or the subject to small. I always try to make them OK but sometimes it is impossible.

Another photograph of Casares taken by Simon.

You may like these 2, they are of my sisters Springer Sam from Cornwall I don’t know if men are welcome on this site as we don’t get the time to natter like the Ladies! I’ve spent many hours since June last year watching your site and love it. CH Oxford.

Bluebells at Thorp Perrow Arboretum near Bedale,North Yorkshire.Lindsay.

Shapwick Nature Reserve in the winter sunlight, near Glastonbury Somerset. Lindsay.

Dolphin photos taken in Scotland on the Murray Firth last year. Vicky, Derby.

Lady and Emmi seemed to have hit it off with each other. We can now let them out in the area next to the field, that is next to the Sheep that belong to our neighbour. They seem inseparable at the moment, and we haven’t seen them having a cross moment with each other. Every now an then Lady will have a go a Emmi over the stable wall, but outside they seem to be the best of friends. Emmi is definitely not as unhappy as she was, and Lady has a new friend after loosing Woody.

We have always said that it must be hard for any animal to be taken away from a flock, herd or any environment that they know, but more so for Horses as they do mostly have one to one contact with their owners. Be it because they are family riding Horses, in fact any situation. We knew nothing about Emmi or Gypsy when they arrived here. It wasn’t until I received their passports did I know where they came from. Before I knew anything about Emmi, by coincidence I had booked a Stallion from the Stud that she came from. Even with Gypsy’s passport, I still no nothing about her.

I am sure that the Cock Pheasants are just born to die with sticky endings or they are on a death wish. This time of year is nearly the Pheasant mating time. Every where that we go around the Farm or along the lanes we come across them fighting. Driving back from the Village yesterday I came across two in the middle of the road, they were having right old row. I couldn’t get past them so I kept hooting my car horn at them to try to get them to move on. These pair must have been mutton. I drove so close to them hooting, that I could not see them over the cars bonnet. Still they were at it. In the end I had to get out of the car a shoo them away. That didn’t work exactly how I had planned it. One ran and the other flew up in the air, its wing catching me on the side of my head. Stupid is not the word, maybe I should have run them over. Maybe not.