There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

February 27, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

My dogs, Maggie and Millue waiting for their tea.FF (Rose)

These two beautiful Black Labs – mother and daughter, I think, possibly, kept visiting us at our Campsite in Cornwall last year. They looked to be quite comfortable posing by our Landy!!

My sisters Springer Sam from Cornwall I don’t know if men are welcome on this site as we don’t get the time to natter like the Ladies! I’ve spent many hours since June last year watching your site and love it. CH Oxford

Hope you can get this have called it evening chat. Cant remember when I took it. Elaine.
Sunrise over St Ives Bay Cornwall.Lindsay.

Sunrise over St Ives Bay Cornwall.Lindsay.

For the past two night I have shown the lower Badger Sett entrance feeding site. When it is zoomed in at the back you are able to see on the right hand side, one of the sett entrance and exit holes. You may have seen the black and white photograph of a Badger coming out of the hole that I put on the Photo page a little while back. This place was the first that I had ever put a camera up to try to see the Badgers. We didn’t see many Badgers, as at the time. The Sett only had three Badger living in it. The other reason was that it was not the main entrance and exit hole, that at the time was well hidden. I only found it by chance, when I thought that I had broken my leg after as it disappeared down a hole very close the main entrance, that I first visit when I feed. The little field that it is in, would now be too dangerous to put the Horses into, as there are to many Badger excavations, that their legs could go down into. last year when I was putting in a wire for the camera that faces the main Sett entrance, there were so many holes that it has made it quite dangerous for me to walk about. Ever few steps that I made by the hedge, one of my legs would find a hole. We leave the field un-grazed or cut to encourage the Voles, in the hope that a Barn Owl will start feeding and eventually find one of our nest boxes.

Our Mare in Ireland, that went to the Stud to be covered by the Stallion, did not get in Foal. It was probably a good thing, for she could well have had the Foal in December, making it a yearling, only a few days later. She was put to the Stallion again If that covering puts her in Foal, the foal would be due on the 24th of January next year. There will then be a very little chance of a December Foal. The covering of our Mare was the first that the Stallion had for this year and it would not be unusual for the covering to be unsuccessful. I would be disappointed if this covering does not take. We will know on the 10th of March one way or the other. I purchased the Mare without seeing her or knowing very little about her, other than she is a very dark bay, and that she had won one race, so when I spoke to the Stud today I asked them for an opinion on her. It seems that my purchase was very good. She was described to me as being a very good type, getting on for 16hh. and If we are successful in her getting her in Foal to the Stallion, it should produce an excellent Foal. The Stallion had its first runners last year. 48% of those that run won their races. This is an excellent strike rate. Even better, one of the winners won a Group 3 Race, the Dam of the winner being by a Stallion called Royal Academy. the same Sire as our Mare. So as you can imagine I am hoping.