There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

February 29, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven.

Aren’t these lovely. They flower right from late spring until the frosts. Elsie.

This was made out of slate and all sorts of other bits. It stands in the grounds of the Eden Project,Cornwall.Lindsay

Ponies taken last August. GJ


Dolphin photos taken in scotland on the Murray Firth last year. Vicky, Derby.

Emmi is due to Foal on the 1st of March. I should think that would have been taken on a 365 day year, not a leap year, so her due day to Foal is today. Watching the monitor in or bedroom before I went to sleep, Emmi was turning her head toward her rear end, a sign that she may have been going to give birth. We put the alarm clock on for every three quarters of an hour just in case. It does tire us out waking so often through the night, but at least with a monitor I don’t have to go to the stables to check on her as we did before we used cameras. Imagine what it would have been like last year with Lady being a month overdue, if I had gone out to the stables every hour or so. I have done that a few years back. Angela some Horses do occasionally give birth in the day, but I haven’t been that lucky. It all goes back to when Horses were wild. It was safer to give birth in the early hours, after predators had finished hunting. Its a shame someone hadn’t told them that there was no such risk in a stable. I suppose if I was so inclined, I could tell you what sex Emmi’s foal is. Your unlucky I am not inclined to.

I am starting to wonder if my Sheep are in lamb, it could be that the Ram wasn’t fertile. I will need to check them over some time during the weekend. Being that the Ram was running with the Ewes all of the time, I would be surprised if they were barren this year. I could be wrong, but they all look large.

The Snowdrops have gone over and the Wild Primroses have shown themselves for the first time today. With the Trees and Hedging budding we are well on our way to Spring. This Autumn and Winter seems to have gone so fast with us being able to leave the Horses out in the fields until nearly Christmas.