There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 1, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

Hi Mr Farmer, Please would you include my photographs on your Photo page. I found the frog sitting on the garden wall yesterday morning in the rain. Judy

Sunset over Kirkwall Harbour in the Orkney islands.Lindsay.

And these are the Lambs my daughter and I spotted the other day. FF (Rose)

Torquay Harbour. Must be nice to own one of these boats. Elsie.

I hope this wont upset anyone, it was the first wild life we saw on a holiday to Cyprus last year!!! We were staying in a rather isolated villa.It ran really near to our grandsons cot. My son thought it was a mouse.Ugh! Rose W’canton

I looked over Emmi today, her udder is very large, she has sprung at her rear end, and it looks very much that Foaling is very close. I will look at her later tonight to see if there is any change. If there is I will put it on the Forum.

I also checked over the Sheep. They all look as if they are in Lamb, but none are showing any signs of Lambing. Most Sheep Farmer have their Ewes scanned to see if they are in Lamb. As you can imagine it is not very economical for Sheep Farmer to be keeping Ewes that are barren. It wouldn’t be very economical for me to have my few Sheep scanned, as they are not kept for profit, only for our Holidays guests to be involved in.

When we had cattle we use to have them scanned. We had someone doing it for us for a few years, but he decided to retire. We found another person to do the scanning. He told us that none of our Cows that he scanned were in Calf. I couldn’t understand it as I had seen the Bull Mating with the Cows, and had wrote the days in my Diary. I also had not seen the Bull try to cover them again. Another way that you can tell if a Cow is ready to mate, is if a Cow mounts another Cow, it is called Bulling. I hadn’t seen that happen to any that I had seen the Bull mating with. Our Bull may well have been infertile, and it does happen. For Farmer who relied on their Cows having Calves for their income they would soon be replaced, and sent off to market to be sold if they were barren. The Bull would also be. With me it was a little bit different, I wanted to make a profit, but because of BSE at the time I wasn’t going to purchase any more Cows. I needed the grass eaten off the fields, so we kept them hoping they they may get in Calf later. Some months later, those that he told us were not in calf produced them.

All Thoroughbred Horses, in fact all Horses should be scanned just in case they are having twins. Twins in Horses although quite rare, does happen. A Mare would find it difficult to feed twins. Another reason for scanning is so that you know if the Mare is in Foal. It wouldn’t matter If a Mare was running with a Stallion, but they rarely do. Mares have to be taken to a Stud, if they were not scanned you would only know that they were not in Foal if they came in to season. They are only in season for two days, so you would stand a good chance of missing a season, if you didn’t know.