There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 3, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven.

This is Man of War Bay, The cove next to Durdle Door in Dorset.Rose W’canton.

Coming to say hello Angela kent.

Taken last August. GJ.

I think this was taken at Blackpool Zoo. Elsie.

Cowm This is a small man made pond that is fed from up in the hills the water flows round and round until it flows into the pond then onto into the reservoir it gets full of frogs and newts you can see around the edges little ponds that the water flows through until it gets to the big pond children uses it as a wishing well Angela Kent.

I went and checked on Emmi at 2.30am, as the way she acting she was giving signs that she may have started to Foal, especially as last evening when I checked her, droplet of a waxy type of liquid were on the end of her teats. It is known as waxing. It is droplets of colostrum that seep out of the udder within one to four days of Foaling. It is a good indicator. Not to good last night. I don’t enjoy going out to the stables at that time of the night. I wouldn’t be surprised if she Foaled tonight, for other than a short period of grazing with Lady, she has been close to her stable looking really miserable. She hasn’t eaten at lot of her feed or hay. Last night I set the alarm clock to be woken every hour. Tonight I will set it for every three quarters of an hour.

The Geese keep coming and going, I cant remember when they started to settle last year. If I get time I will check by going through last years Diary. It could well be that the ramp that I put leading from the water to the island may have put them off. I could remove it, but it is probably at the moment the only chance of the Gosling surviving, if the Geese do decide to breed on the lake. I would rather them not breed on the if it means that the Goslings wont last a day, as has happened most other years. I really don’t know how the Moorhens survive as they do. Within the past couple of weeks I have seen four feeding under the Bird feeders, that are by the Lake. Jack has finished getting the Remote Controlled Duck working. Other than fitting the camera, that he is waiting for to be delivered. I have also got the wiring in place to fit a camera that will over look the nest on the island. So we will be able to keep our eye on them. Mind you if the Geese don’t decide to breed on the Lake, we may wll get a pair of Swan nesting. A pair come every year but they are chased away by the Geese. Swans are a lot more protective of their young than what Geese are, and I seem to remember seeing Swans taking their Cygnets back to the nest at night. But I am not sure.