There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 4, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one. We are really short again. Maybe not enough to put five up tomorrow.

Hells Mouth in Cornwall we once saw a leatherback turtle here! Lindsay.

Grey Squirrel photos were taken at Rufford Country Park. Judy.

This was taken in a friends garden in Australia. Elsie.

I thought these two looked rather nice, taken at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, an event well supported by the heavy horses. CH

Mr. Farmer, pictures of our latest butterflies that just recent emerged. The one in my husband’s hand is a Orange Barred Sulphur. Karen, Florida (USA)

A quick turn around about the Geese from last nights Diary. They have been on and around the Lake for all of the day. Late this afternoon I moved the camera around just as one of them used the ramp to get onto the island. Earlier in the day we had been putting the camera on a pole overlooking the island. We couldn’t help being a little noisy, as we needed to use a small scaffold tower to put the camera to the height that we wanted. The tower being a bit rusty we needed to hit it a bit with a hammer. Then we needed to drill the hole to fit the camera. We thought that the noise would have made the Geese fly off, but they didn’t take any notice of us at all. As I am writing the Diary, they are in their courtship ritual and mating, I hope you saw it, so it looks. definite that they are nesting on the island. I will get the new camera working as soon as I can, but no later than the coming Monday.

We have been getting a Barn Owl nest box ready to put up outside. We don’t no where at the moment. I had a sample made when we were selling normal sized nest boxes, but never got around to putting it up. It needed to be oiled to protect from the weather. We will try to get it put in place once we decide where we are going put it. We have two Barn Owl nest box’s in our big barn. We haven’t seen any thing take any notice of them, not even the Doves. The nest box that we are getting ready is going to be put up outside, who will finish up using it we will have to wait and see. Of course that is if anything does at all.

As they say, as one thing goes another comes. Yesterday the Farmer next door moved his Sheep to his field that backs onto the field where the Badgers are. Unfortunately it is in line with his Farm House and I had agreed that I would not show his Sheep in that Field. It would have been nice to have been able to keep watching the Sheep. As the lambs get older they do play a lot more.