There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 5, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six.

This was the loveliest cat we ever had.His name was George and he died a year ago, I have only now been brave enough to look at his photos. RoseW’canton.

This is a lovely place to visit. Lindisfarne.
Northumberland. Elsie

A Highland Cow from Judy.

This is a picture of stalagmites and stalactites Taken in Kent’s Caverns Sue

Bird taken in my garden last spring. PM.

Emmi has started to drip a little milk from her udder, so her Foaling cant be that far away. I would say tonight, but I said that a day or so back and we are still waiting. We are so tired having to wake as we are to check on Emmi, that if I yawn any wider I will swallow myself. I do wonder at times like this why I bother.

Another pair of Geese arrived on the Lake earlier today. The two pairs have not stopped honking at each other all day. I hope that the new pair will not be dominant, as the others must have laid an egg yesterday. I don’t think that the pair that were mating yesterday, were the same as last year. I only say that because the pair last year would rest on the left hand bank of the Lake, this pair are using the right hand side. As I am writing the Diary one pair has flown off of the Lake. It could well be the new pair that are still here as they are by the boat. Not the normal place. A bit later, the female has gone to the nest on the island, I should think to lay another egg, and off they flew.

I spoke to Simon a couple of days ago about the progress with the Griffon Vulture Camera. The first nest site that he had hoped to have used has not as yet been occupied. To set the camera in position Simon will need to climb the rock face. He needs to be 99% sure that the nest will be occupied of it will mean that he will have to do another climb to take the camera down and install else where.