There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 8, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number six.

Windsor Castle taken last July. PM

Park Drag and a Team of Gelderlanders.

Sunset Coral bay. Cyprus. Angela.

Durdle doordurdle door. Sue.

Newquay harbour the black thing in the water is a seal who swam around you while you paddled. Sue.

The new Foal is a friendly chap. Very often when we walk into the stable he will come over. That is the way they should be. We had one a few years back that was a monster. The day after he was born I was checking him over to make sure that every thing was as it should be, when he bucked and double barrelled kicked me. Believe me even at his age it hurt. Until the day he went he had a habit of throwing one out. You dare not push him from behind unless you could get out of his way very quick. It would be easier to move Emmi and the Foal into the next stable when we muck them out. Leaving them in the stable with you gives the Foals more contact with people. On Monday we will move them into the larger stable that we finished a few week back, and if we get a decent day next week we will let them out onto the grass.

I wonder if any of you noticed Ewy grazing with the Deer last night. I was a little surprised and needed to look twice to see if it was what I had seen. She disappeared when a couple of the Deer went into the wood. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hadn’t followed them into the wood. After the way she paired off with Breeze last year, I can see her doing it with the Deer. Unfortunately for Ewy the Deer can travel great distances and jump fences. It could be a bit of a problem for Ewy.

The photograph of the tree lined avenue leading to Windsor Castle reminded me of a great day out I had some years ago. Having a number of Horse Drawn Carriages I knew a few people with the same interest. One of them invited me to Windsor for the Horse Show. The class of competition was for Horse Drawn Park Drags and Road Coaches. They look very similar, the Road Coach would be in livery of the route it would take. The Park Drag being a Private Vehicle.. You would know them by the period programs on television, as maybe Stage Coaches. Picture below avenue photograph of the actual Park Drag Carriage with a Team of Gelderlander Horses.

The class would be judged on the turn out and the way the carriage was being driven. The route taken was around Windsor Great Park, through Windsor and up the tree line Avenue leading to the Castle, as photograph sent in by PM. I had ridden on the Carriage a few times before at County Shows. But the Windsor Castle venue was the best. I could never forget Driving up the Horse Chestnut Tree lined avenue, the Trees were magic.