There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 10, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

Bliss and Misty.

Dave my partners best firend Patch or Fat Man as we all call him. f Newquay harbour from up at the top of the road. Sue.


The first two photographs on today’s Photo page were sent to me by Bliss and Misty’s Trainer in France. He is pleased with the way that the two Fillies are progressing. On speaking to him he has told me that if they keep progressing as they are, they could have their first race in June. I reckon that they look very good. Let hope they run as good as they look.

Unfortunately for a change the weathermen got the forecast right. We were woken just before by the wind forcing the rain onto the window. The wind was shaking the windows of the Farm House so fiercely that we thought that they may break. It carried on for a good two hours and then became a lot less windy. When we got up to feed the animals it was still quite calm. By 9.30am the wind started to blow up again. Not as bad as it was in the night but still quite fierce. It was to wet and cold to let the Foal out today, and it doesn’t look as if it going to be a any better tonight or tomorrow.

The camera has turned up for the remote controlled Duck, hopefully Jack will get time to finish it during the week and post it back to me. If we get it back in time for the weekend, I will try it out on the lake.

I had a little fright this afternoon, when I looked at the Foal on the webcam. Emmi was pawing the Foal as if she was trying to get it to get to its feet. The Foal was taking no notice, of even making the slightest of movement. The way it was lying didn’t help. It was tight to the wall, bum in the air and head into the stable bed. I really thought that it may have died. Even when I got to the stable and touched the Foal it didn’t stir until I lifted its head. It has started to have a little nose into Emmi’s feed bucket. It is surprising how quick that they do join in with eating the feed. We have to start thinking about giving the Foal a stable name. Send in a few of you suggestions to the Forum.

We now also need to think about what Stallion we are going to send Emmi to this year. I don’t really like ending the Horses on long journeys to the Studs. We don’t have a very large choice in the West Country. The Stud we sent Lady and Woody to has closed, their better Stallion have been taken back to Ireland. There are a couple of Stallion fairly close by, within a couple of hours travelling time that I may consider sending Emmi to. With Lady it is going to be a problem. Her breeding really warrants a good Stallion, but there is nothing close by that would be suitable for her.