There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 13, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven.


Birds taken in my garden last spring. PM.

The 1st photo is of Newquay harbour from up at the top of the road. Sue.

Zoom into this picture and see if you can see the bat. Taken by my neighbour while they were in Australia. Elsie.

Hope you get this Sorry it appears to be black and white. I thought this might wet appetites of things to come over the Spring and Summer when the Osprey return. It was taken on the 17th July shortly before the chicks fledged. Elaine.

Linsey asked about the Geese. I reckon that it may have been the weather that kept them away. Today two pairs arrived on the Lake within an hour of each other. I put the camera on them but had to get on with some work, so I was unable to follow them. One pair flew off very soon after arriving the other pair stayed until late afternoon, I am sure the one pair will eventually stay and nest on the Lake. I have got the wire to get the new camera working that will overlook the Geese nest. It is just managing to find the time to do it.

Jack has nearly got the Duck finished. I phoned him this evening about it. Whilst putting the camera into the ducks head, he knocked the signal ariel off and was soldering it back on when I phoned. There is a chance that it may not be able to be repaired. If it cant be, it will mean buying a new camera from China. It could well be alright I will let you know.

Anjela asked a few days ago about having sound on the Ghost Cam. We have asked the question, but have also needed to give advice. Sound would be great on all of the webcams, but unless it is in a location away from people, as is the Osprey Nest at the Lock of the Lowe’s, it would be too intrusive to the lives of those broadcasting the webcams. On the Farm when working we would have to be careful of what we said. Private conversation that we may be talking about as we are working, could be overheard. I would like to put sound on of a night where the Badger and Fox feed and in the Valley where we can hear the Owls and other nocturnal life, but it is to easy to forget to turn the sound off of a day. In the house where the Ghost Cams are the occupant very rarely go away, like us they have animals to look after.

The occupants of the Haunted House do very regularly hear noises that cant be explained. Creaking floors as if someone was walking about and other noises. They have promised that as soon as they get time they will tell you of other sightings and incident that have happen, some very recent.

A couple of entries were submitted to the Forum about our sponsors CJ. To those who submitted them, I did not approve them, not because your comments were necessarily wrong, but because CJ are still our sponsors and have been good to us over the period that we have been associated with them. I am sure no offence was meant or taken.

Another entry that I did not approve was from John who suggested that the forum could be on a done via Yahoo, with an on line chat room. Don’t like that idea John. For one it is very difficult to monitor chat rooms and they tend to invite the worse aspects of the web and often the worse people. Our Forum is very basic, but also very easy.

Robin I didn’t put you link on the other day, as there are adds on the side.

Nice idea Margaret-Poole, I don’t need it yet.