There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

January 10, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from the eleventh one.

Karen and David have emailed a number of photographs that we will put on over the coming days.

Picture 1 is of our pond with what the Hawk thought was his dinner, our Koi fish. Karen, Florida (USA)

A taste of spring !! Cherry blossom on a nearby road to ours. Daffodils in the garden Yellow gorse in Pembrokeshire last May. The squirrel i raised from a tiny orphan just thought you might be interested to see what he is watching on the monitor, Tass’s pups !!!! Lynne, Sheffield

Hi Mr. Farmer, I was searching through my photos and found this one of a baby deer which was sent to me by a friend of mine which I thought would be nice for the photo page. Pat(H)

The Otter I believe was emailed from Aaron.

Rye Harbour webcam two is now working. Salt water had got into the camera and caused the camera to stop working. It was a shame that it stopped working when it did, right in the middle of the Sea Birds breeding season. It could not be changed when the Bird were nesting.

We are going to try again to wean Willow at the weekend. We have tried different spiked creams on Lady’s udder, they all seem to work for a few hours until Willow becomes determined. We have tried something different this evening to see if that works. If it does we will leave them together for a bit longer. If not we have got a sedative from the Veterinary to quieten Willow down when we do wean her. We will probably have to sedate her for a few days. If this does no make us able to wean her we may have to send her away from the Farm, so that she is unable to hear Lady.

We received the covering certificate for Emmi today. She was covered on the 2nd of April 2007, so Emmi is due to have her Foal on the 2nd of March, give or take a week or two either way. We need to get Emmi over to the stable block where Lady is. Those stables are larger, but more importantly that is where the cameras are set up. We also want to enlarge one of the stable in the block, so that it will be more roomy for the Mares and Foal. We cant do the alteration until Arnie and Breeze go back to their own stables, where Emmi and Gypsy are. Willow really is making it difficult.