There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 21, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven. I am sure that there must be some good photographers who have not yet sent any photographs in for the Photo page.

Photo is looking down from the top of Plodda falls. The falls are over 100 feet high, and one of the highest in Scotland, they are near Tomich, in Glen Affric. Jan.

Taken by my granddaughter last year on holiday in Devon and Cornwall. PM.

The late Freddie & Fiona these were my first two Ferrets. CH.

Three young cygnets taken at the Apex , Burnham on Sea. Marie.

Windmill in Norfolk we stopped at. FF (Rose)

I too was a little surprised on seeing two Lambs this morning when I went into the barn to make up the Horse feeds. I had only checked the Ewes udders a day before. A few of the Ewes were quite large, but two of them have been like that for a few weeks now.

It is Dolly who has Lambed. They are both Ram Lambs, both looking very healthy and strong. What I cant make out is who is the Father. Going by their colour they cant be Ramsdens, his off springs, even as crosses would not have the spots that they have. I have been trying to work it out all day. I cant remember any young Ram Lambs being in with the Ewes, that would have been that mature to have been able to mate with the Ewes and Father the Lambs.

It was a pity that the webcam was not on the Ewes when Dolly Lambed. A week ago when we had a load of bales of straw delivered, the high load hit the cable and broke it. I was so busy last week that did not get the time to repair it. On checking the Ewes again today I reckon that there is at least one of the Ewes that is going to Lamb very soon, and maybe more. I will keep an eye on them and probably put the Ewes on instead of Emmi and Sox after unless any look as if they are going to Lamb. I will also now and then change the webcams over.

The Lock of the Lowe’s new camera is very clear and is located in the Osprey nest. Being a pan, tilt and zoom it promises to be able to get some fabulous nest viewing positions. It should also be able to show the Ospreys leaving and returning to the nest. Peter had hoped to have got the PTZ camera that I supplied fitted in the last couple of days, but it does not look as though he has. A CCTV manufacturer is supplying us with a new camera that we will install down the valley. We were going to change the one that is installed now before the Summer as it is quite difficult to adjust the focus when trying to view close up at the end of the valley, when watching the Deer. The new camera is a posh affair. It has an automatic focus as do most of our other cameras, and we should be able to look high into the sky with the tilt that it has, making it possible to watch the Buzzards soaring. If we are lucky it will also have a 36x zoom, this will when at wide angle give a larger view of the valley. I will have to get a tower to install it on, as the post that the valley camera is now on is a telegraph pole, that has started to lean. We wont be able to fix the IR lamps to the side of the camera as we do now, so it will mean having to install them at different positions and angles around the valley.