There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

March 31, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one. I am sure that there must be some good photographers who have not yet sent any photographs in for the Photo page.

Dave has bought a new telephoto lens for his fancy camera here is one of the first results !!

Another mishap and they were as surprised as you when Thornton was born. Elsie.

This thrush came to visit me yesterday, he is eating cooked pastry. PM.

Goats? on the North Cornwall coast path near Crackington Haven. CH.

A red squirrel at Formby point seen at easter Angela (Merseyside)

Emmi has not returned home as she has not come into season yet. Mares normally cycle 21 days after their foaling heat. Some Mare may go longer. If she is not ready to go to the Stallion in another day or so she will be given an injection to bring her in season. I don’t like the Horses to be away from the Farm any longer than need to be.

Minty gave birth to a Lamb yesterday. We looked all around the barn just in case she had given birth to twins, and that one had gone astray as Thornton.

I have not been able to show the Geese very much for the last few days, as for most of the time other than today they have been out of view on the Island. Other than them flying around the Lake every now and then they have been on the Lake for four or five days. I don’t know why the disappeared this morning. The way they have been acting they should nest on the Island.