There are five new photographs on the Photo page starting…

April 6, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

Morning all, just to let you see what we woke up to this morning, I know its not a lot, but, the weatherman said last night that it would miss us !! Jan (herts)

Otters at a Sanctuary near St Ives in Cornwall.Lindsay.

Sparrow which was taken in my garden. Vicky from Derby

“Badger Watch”, Molly enjoys wildlife programs.Carol

Here is another picture of Beryl, this was taken through the kitchen window. Val.

I didn’t get time to get the new Lake webcam going today. I will try to find time tomorrow. I want to see it going, as it would be interesting to see the Pond beyond the Lake. I will also be able to see when any Herons land on the Pond. When we stocked the Lake with Fish we didn’t put any in the Pond, but over the years the Fry must have gone through the pipe that connects the Lake and Pond, now there are some good sized Fish in it. The Herons that land on the Lake must have got wise to me chasing them off, as we rarely see them on the Lake. We do see them on the Pond when we drive down our driveway. They wouldn’t be my favorite birds especially when I see them fishing on the water.

Other than a few snow flurries today, it really is looking Spingyfied on the Farm. Lots of yellow with the Daffodils, Primroses and around the Lake the Marsh Marigold. The Blackthorn has started to flower. We have a lot of Blackthorn around the Farm, when in flower it is one of my favorite scrubs, maybe because when it flowers you know that the warmer days are nearly here. It has been one of the best Autumn and Winters for the weather that we have had since we have been at Denbury. It hasn’t been to cold or over wet. With the weather being so good we managed to be able to keep the Horses out in the field, up to a few days before Christmas, a big bonus for us. We still have to muck the stables out every day, but we are not clearing up after the Horses all day long. We would have if we had needed to keep them in around the yard. For nearly a month we have also been able to let Breeze and Arnie out in the small paddock, that is in view when we put the Sheep pen webcam on. The ground of the paddock is a little poached, but not as much as other years. As long as we get a bit of rain and a lot of warm sun we will be able to turn all of the Horses out on the 1st of May for the Summer.