There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from…

July 18, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from number six.

I took this shot of the tree but i quite like the clouds on this one. The crop growing in the field is corn. Karen Stoke.


I’ve just returned from visiting my Brother with Mum today. It’s the first time I’ve been to his house and was amazed by his garden! He is VERY keen to encourage all types of wildlife into his garden, so has allowed parts of it to become fairly wild. He has a beautiful pond filled with lilies where there are frogs, newts and toads as well as the odd dragonfly and damselfly. So here are a few photos from today’s visit.
A shy little frog:
Two damselflies – they were flying around attached like this, so I’m not quite sure what they were doing!!
Lovely lilies. Julia.

Where the Sheep were kept housed through the Winter they did very little walking, that resulted in their hooves to be overgrown to the extent that they have needed for them to be trimmed. When you have as few Sheep as we have it is a back breaking job and one that I don’t relish. Although I had to stop doing the cottage and kitchen today it had to be done. The hooves did need a lot of trimming, but fortunately there were no problems with their feet other that them being overgrown.

Some breeds of Sheep that we have had in the past have had to be trimmed very often, others we have never needed to touch. The Sheep we have now are Texel and Texel Cross. Their feet needed trimming at least once a year, but they don’t tend to get foot rot that a lot of Sheep get. Again I have found that some breeds are prone to foot rot other are not. Mind you I am not a Shepherd. Shepherd would know best and they would tell you that as well as a Sheep breeding the ground that they graze on would also be a factor in foot rot. A few years back I let a Farmer have our fields for Sheep keep during the Winter. More of his Sheep were lame because of foot rot than were not. I regularly had to tell him to sort his Sheep feet out.

When I was showing our neighbours Sheep during the Winter a number of you commented that some of his Sheep were lame, If a lot of the Sheep are of the same breed it looks as if the Sheep have been lame for a long while, when it is normally a different Sheep that has only that day got a problem. It doesn’t pay for a Farmer not to sort out Sheep feet problems. If they are killing Sheep they will quickly loose condition and breeding Sheep with Lambs at foot will soon start to produce less milk for the Lambs. Our Sheep feet are now trimmed and tidy except for Ewy.