There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from…

July 21, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from number six sent in by Karen.

These Photographs were not taken by me. My daughters Partner Steve ,took these for me and Emailed them for us to go on the Gallery. I hope you enjoy them. Karen. Stoke.

We started to make our hay today. Not quite as late as last year, but later than we would want. The grass seed would be ready to drop so when the gray is turned to let it dry evenly a lot of the seed will be left on the ground when it is baled. Early this morning the grass was cut and this evening it was turned for the first time. It will be turned again every day in the hope that we can bale it at the latest on Thursday evening as the forecast is for rain on Friday. We normally would like five days to make hay but for the past two years we have needed to take our chances as the hasn’t been many five days periods without rain. We managed to make thirty bales about five weeks ago. The forecast at the moment is giving us a chance, so with a bit of luck we can make our hay.

I had hoped with the new camera being able to look straight up into the sky that we may have been able to see the Buzzards hunting for food for their Chick in the Valley. There has not been one year in all of the time that we have lived here have they not hunted in the Valley except for this year when the are hunting in the small paddock that we kept Smuggler and Sonny. The three of the Buzzards can be seen in the trees most days. Unfortunately the nearest camera to the paddock is unable to look upwards very far. I am hoping now that we have cut the grass in the valley it will make it more open for the Buzzard to hunt. There are a lot of Rabbits for the Buzzards to catch there so we may be lucky. We have nearly finished the kitchen and cottage so next week I will be able to spend a little more time on the Diary and camera.

The sudden appearance of a strange light in the corner of the nestcam is, we think, a spider’s web/nest that is in front of the camera lens. The movement is the spider crawling across the lens. We are reluctant to go into the building at present as the two oldest owlets have not left the barn yet and we do not want to risk flushing them out. Again we will monitor the owlets’ activity and will review the situation if any circumstances change. Matt. BOT.