There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from…

July 22, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from number eleven, sent in by Jill.

Norfolk Lavender – across the road from where my parents lived for many years

Autumn reflections – a pond in my forest

Swans preening on the river behind my office

Sunset on Skomer Island

Another pic of the field of marigolds in Kent with church in background and meadow cranesbill in foreground. Jill.

Cutting the grass to make the hay has definitely brought the Buzzard and Owls to the Valley. Last night the Owl was on the pole a couple of times, and the Buzzard on and off for most of the day. With the grass cut it makes it easier for the Voles to be seen by both the Owls and Buzzard. With a bit of luck both will start hunting the Valley for a lot of their food. There are also a lot of Rabbits in the Valley. The new cameras digital zoom makes it easier to get close up to the Birds and to get better images. I am still getting use to the new cameras control as you have probably noticed. I also will need to get some more infra red lamps placed so that most of the valley can be viewed. I will keep an eye out for the Buzzards soaring above the Valley, if I see any I will try to follow them on the camera.

The weather forecast seems to be letting us down again. It promised a lot warmer weather with a bit of cloud and wind. Lots of cloud, little wind and chilly. Tomorrows forecast is now a bit different from what they said last night. I can see that we are not going top make our hay before the rain that is promised for Friday. I know I keep on about it, but the Met Office is a sad excuse, in any other business there would be many heads rolling with the times that they get things wrong. A couple of weeks ago we were told that we would be able to get forecasts for months ahead. They are unable to get the next 24 hours correct, so how they will manage months ahead I really don’t know. Some years ago we had forecast for long periods ahead. It fizzled out very soon after it started.