There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from…

August 16, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from number one. We need some photographs.

Thornton part of his hop, skip and jump taken by Peter from the Lock whilst on a walk down the Valley.

Deer at Wollaton Park in Nottinghamshire. Vicky.

Piglet taken at Sherwood Forest farm park. Vicky.

Peacock Butterfly taken in my garden. Vicky.

The Hermit Butterfly taken at Wollaton Park. Vicky.

Vicky now has her own website’ next week you will be able to link to Vicky’s website from the Photo Gallery page.

We have had a Sparrow Hawk hunting on the Farm for a couple of weeks, probably a bit longer but we haven’t seen the feathers from what he has caught. Just lately it seems to be getting quite successful in getting Blue Tits and Green Finches as for the past two days we have found feathers in a number of various places. This morning when we went down the Valley we found the feathers of a Greater Spotted Woodpecker that the Sparrow Hawk must have caught.

A couple of years ago we had a Sparrow Hawk that for over three weeks was taking a Dove nearly every day. We regularly use to see it taking the Doves in flight. Some years back we had a very friendly Robin. It seemed that no matter where we were the Robin was always very close by. One day I was talking to some people in the Farm Yard, our Robin was within a couple feet from us hopping around on the ground, without any warning or noise the Sparrow Hawk swooped down and flew off with the Robin.

When one of our cottages was tenanted to two nurses, a Sparrow Hawk entered the loft through an Owl hole and nested. I did warn the nurses that it wasn’t a good idea and that it would be better if they blocked the hole that the Sparrow Hawk had entered. They didn’t take any notice and allowed the Bird to nest, they even unbeknown to me sourced Rats and Mice and fed the Sparrow Hawk through the loft hatch. The eggs hatched and it was all OK for a few weeks until the fledglings left the nest and walked about the loft above the cottage bedrooms. By all accounts the noise of them walking about woke them all through the night every night until the fledglings left the loft.