There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from…

July 9, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are five photographs on the Photo page starting from number six sent in by Rose and Julia.

Photos from Australia, can’t remember what sort of Owl it was. Rose W’canton.

Here are a few photos of some Tits in the garden – when I was filling the fatball holder the other day, I had one left over and put it into this little terracotta “house”. The birds make very quick work of the fatball holder but are not so keen on the little house. However, when needs must, they’ll try anything! There was also a blackbird trying to feed from this, flapping like mad to stay balanced, but I couldn’t get the camera out quickly enough! Julia

I spoke to Matt one of the Barn Owl Trust Conversation Officer’s about what had happened in the Nesting Barn last night, he kindly wrote the paragraph below for it to be put on the Forum.

“Another dramatic night when the middle owlet eventually managed to get out of the hole, and dropped right off the side of the tray…. Alerted by viewers, the Barn Owl Trust organised a visit to the barn, but the owlet couldn’t be found. As soon as their intrepid volunteer left the building the oldest owlet was out of the box and back on the tray looking down at the floor, which indicated the middle one had come out of hiding. Lots of phone calls and the building was searched again. It still couldn’t be found. Meanwhile lots of folks from all over the world were emailing the Trust to make sure they were aware of the situation and to find out what was going on…… Eventually an adult came into the barn carrying food. Instead of delivering the food to the nest box and the two excited owlets waiting, it swooped down to the floor but didn’t feed the owlet – moments later the adult was glimpsed on the far side of the nest box, still holding the food. It then vanished into the darkness as the volunteer, with reinforcements (there were now two of them), came back to search again. Third time lucky and the owlet was picked up and popped back in the box, seemingly no worse for its adventure. Later on it was back out on the tray again with its older sibling, the youngest one looking longingly at the hole and wanting to get out there too. We didn’t see any successful food deliveries after that but it was great to see all three safely nestled in the box this morning”. Matt.