There are four new photographs on the new photo page…

November 27, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are four new photographs on the new photo page. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see them, as I was shown how to upload photographs and it was easier for me to add them at the bottom rather than change the sequence. I have a little more learning to do. If you are unable to see the new photos try refreshing the page.

The first new photograph is Misty being ridden before both Bliss and Misty were taken for their first ride in the woods. The second is of Bliss. The third and fourth is when Bliss and Misty having their legs washed off after returning from the wood, They look quite calm, but this photo was not showing what really happened. Both Bliss and Misty dislike having their legs washed. Not many Horses do, but they do get use to it. Both Bliss and misty were jumping about and turning away at the time.

Elaine, that was a Roe Deer on camera this evening. I think that the camera moving may have frightened it off.

We would like to try to get more self sufficient at Denbury. To cut down on the running costs of the farm, but also to see how far we could go in self sufficiency as an experiment. Our first project that we did was earlier this year, when we sunk a bore hole to supply the Farms water. We had various means of supplying some of our water, but it was unreliable and needed to be tested regularly for bacteria. We used water from springs to water the livestock and the Farm House water was supplied from a well that we have in the kitchen. The well was closed up when we moved into Denbury. We knew that it existed by the previous occupant. When we found it, it was right in the centre of the kitchen, so we decided to make it into a feature, by having it built as an old stone well. We had a round oak top made with a hole, so that we could put safety glass in, to save any children who may have decided to sit on it, from falling in, with the glass top we are also able to see down into the well.

Another reason for our own bore hole was that earlier in the year we had suddenly became responsible for over half of a mile of under ground water pipe that ran through other peoples Farms. Although we were given the right for access on to the Farms to maintain the pipe, we were unsure how long the pipe would last before it needed to be renewed. Even a small leak would cost a fortune to repair, but worse was that the pipe may have had a leak, that we may not have noticed. We could then have had over a short period of time, a massive bill of thousands of pounds for lost water.

With having the well and springs on the Farm, we knew that we had a lot of underground water. Where the best place for a bore hole was, we had no idea, so we contacted a water diviner. When the diviner came, he was not the romantic image of an elderly grey haired gentleman with a forked willow dowsing stick. He was a rough looking overall-ed bloke with two un-fluxed bent welding rods. But they did the job. Within a few minute the Diviner chose the spot in the orchard where the water would be. It was only me doubting his ability, his speed and my suggestions that he looked else where and tried other locations. In the end he had made his decision, the first place was it, and he suggested after a few measurement against his body that the bore hole would supply twenty eight gallons of water a minute.

A few weeks later the bore hole was started. It should only have taken a couple of days to drill and line the the sixty metre hole, but the drill went through five underwater rivers, causing the river bedding to be washed into the hole, so that the liner when put in could not go down to the desired depth. The liner was taken out and the bore hole re drilled. Much to the relief of everyone on site the second drilling was successful, and a bore hole of a little under fifty metre was drilled and lined. If the hole had started filling in again, another site would have had to be found. The water pump and all ancillaries were put in and the water tested. Farm land very often has bacteria soaking through to the water courses. Our test results were very good with no bacteria or other problems. The results are measured from one to ten, the higher meaning problems. Our result were all zero. Because of having holiday cottages we put in an ultra violet water purification and filtration system. It is the best water that we have tasted, and probably one of the best decisions we have mad on the farm. I don’t know how much water bills are, but I should reckon in the region of