There are four new photographs on the Photo page starting…

May 22, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are four new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven. We have very few photographs left.

Flower in the tropical Biome at Eden I no idea what it is, it was the only picture the camera lens did not steam up! CH.

Red squirrels on the Isle of Wight. Lisa. Eastleigh, Hants

Squirrel thinking. Anjela Connecticut.

Baby Woodpecker….Anjela Connecticut.

Lilac Tree. Anjela Connecticut.

Pink Flamingo’s, Sanibel Island, Florida. Anjela Connecticut.

Emmi did not manage to get into Foal. She came back into season a few weeks back. I was going to send her back to the Stud to be covered by the Stallion but after the way that she came back with kick marks on her body I decided not to.

Lady will not be going to stud this year after the injuries that she got when she Foaled this year. We could have sent her when the injury was better, that would have taken a about three weeks. She is well due a break this year after the run of Foals that she has had. We will be able to send Emmi and Lady to Stud early next year. We have another Mare in Ireland that I need to see if she is in Foal.

The grass has grown very well this year. Already we have a five acre field that if the weather gets warm we could make hay with. The rest of our hay fields in the Valley are growing well. When we have made hay from them and the grass has regrown we will probably let our Contractor use for his Cows. We have not had any stock on them for getting on for eight years other than our few Sheep. It is good for the ground to have stock on them.