There are four new photographs that have been put on…

December 19, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are four new photographs that have been put on today. Sorry they are a bit all over the page, but it takes to long to change them over so that they are new from the top. I will get it changed in the New Year.

I enlarged this photo of the Seagulls on a branch, and framed it as I thought it was so funny. Elsie

There are two photographs of Robins, that were sent by Julia, her description is on last night Diary.

Hello Mr Farmer, I hope you get the photo I am trying to send you, it’s one my sister-in-law emailed to me of the puppy we are going to have, she’s a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and this photo was taken last week when she was 2 weeks old, we’re going to call her Blossom, my granddaughter would love a puppy but she hasn’t a clue that we’re getting one. Alex

Once I have written today’s Diary I will put today completely out of my mind. It started at midnight last night, Kye when she went out before we tuned in, decided she was going on walk abouts, Tass returning on her own. For nearly an hour I looked for Kye with Tass by my side, hoping that she would come to us once she heard me with Tass. In the end I was not prepared to look any longer, turning in at well gone At Kye decided that she wanted to come in. Both Tass and Kye are able to open the Farm House door by jumping up at the handle and pulling it down whilst pushing on the door. Being locked the door would not open as normal so she kept on jumping up at the handle, making it rattle, with the rattle and scrapping that her claws made on the door, even in our Farm House with the thick walls and heavy doors she soon managed to woke us up. Where she had been for over four hours we will never know except at Jan made an entry on the forum that she had seen her near the Badger Sett on Camera one. For sure that was not the only place she had been, as her legs were covered in mud. Believe me I am not to impressed with Kye.

And it got worse. As Emmi and Gypsy are stabled in the row of stables that Breeze and Arnie’s are normally stabled, we are using the row of stables where Lady goes temporarily for Breeze and Arnie. The usual procedure in the mornings is to open the field gate and the Horses make their own way to their stables. Our Holiday Guests and Friends who have never seen them make their own way in, are amazed when they witness it. It is not such a big deal, they are going in for a feed, for sure they will make sure that they will get to their feed before any other of the other Horses. With Arnie and Breeze going to different stables, we need to bring them in on head collars. An easy procedure normally, not this morning. Lady and Willow were going to their normal stable, they didn’t need head collars and off they went. As I was putting Arnie’s on, Breeze decided she wasn’t going to wait, barging past me, knocking me over before I had Arnie’s head collar on, and off he went.

When I got to the gate where all of the Horses were waiting, Gypsy was with them, the gate on the corral was open. That caused more of a rumpus, and off they all went again, except Gypsy who didn’t know what way to go. Fortunately she went back to her stable with out a lot of fuss. As some of you saw on the webcams the rest finished up the Valley, after first running all over the Holiday Cottages lawn and around the lake area where the Sheep had been kept. Four Horses running over the two areas have made the lawns look like the Aintree Racecourse after the Grand National, on a filthy wet day. There are hoof impression all over the areas, up to 5 inches deep, skid marks and divots.

I followed the Horses down the Valley hoping to get a head collar on one of them,. As soon as I got near one of them Breeze had it on her toes again, taking all the other Horses with her, all the way down to the other end of the valley into the next field, out of sight. I went and got the Quad Bike to follow them. When i got back to the beginning of the Valley they were starting to make their way back. As I got near Breeze she decided to have it away again. This time I was able to get behind on the Quad and chased her back to the yard, knowing the other Horses would follow. I put them back into the field, so they missed this mornings feed. Breeze is not in my good book either.

And there was more. Last night I put the Telescope on. When I got back to the Farm House I had no remote access through the computers. In the end I gave up and turned it off. This morning I still had the same problem. Got no idea what the problem is. I am going to phone the Manufacturers in the USA later tonight. If they cannot tell me what the trouble is, the Telescope will need to go back to the suppliers.

And more. I went to collect my emails after I had finished chasing after Horses around. The server went crazy and I finished up with over 700 emails that I had previously had. An hour wasted checking and deleting them. So today never happened.